Twitter introduce embeddable time lining

One of the main attractive features of Facebook is that it enables the users to get live updation of pages they liked while connecting with friends. Like that the popular online social networking service twitter introduce embeddable time lining.Twitter introduce embeddable time lining

Embeddable time lining in Twitter allow the web developers to post their public timeline on their web site. So it let the users to see tweets without going to original site.

Users can get bunch of tweets from any account they follow. This feature is get enable through single HTML code. Through embeddable time lining users can see all tweets and they can reply re tweet can follow their favorites also.

You can embed Twitter timelines from an individual, or favorite of individual, list of hash tag from Twitter account. The Tweets must be made in the public visible section. Your site users can also expand the Twitter lines more easily will increase the reputation of your site.