The Twitter battle between HTC and Samsung

HTC One and Samsung Galaxy SIV are the top selling android phones of 2013. So it  becomes a common thing , the arise of rival between these manufactures. Now the Twitter battle between HTC and Samsung became most discussed matter within technical world.

Both HTC One and Galaxy SIV are best handset available today. In sales Galaxy SIV holds the primary position than any other Smartphones. Within a month Galaxy SIV crossed 10 million sales. It is also top at US mobile market. From the time after  official launching HTC One made 5 million sales till now. It lead to the cause for Twitter battle between HTC and Samsung.

Twitter battle between Samsung and HTCWe all know that when we go through  various technical websites the common things that we find with them is comments fight between brand addicts. As the social networking sites are the most crowded place within internet they fight between each other through the official pages. But now the technical companies itself get in to the fight through Twitter.

Twitter battle between HTC and Samsung

The Taiwanese manufacture HTC is one which started this social media fight. They tweeted at @SamsungMobileUK that they won the hottest phone award 2013 at mobile awards. After some of comments from fans the @htc_uk the Twitter page of HTC got a retweet from Samsung as “That’s ok guys our arms were full with other three awards we took home last night. You can have that one”.

Through that tweet Samsung gave a right replay to HTC. The message also highlights the dominance that experienced by the Korean company from the users. They tried to realize that fact to HTC through that perfect Tweet. After a short while HTC replied to Samsung as ‘all those students you paid to write fake reviews of your competitors finally paid off. Pay rise, may be’. That tweet from HTC tried to mention that Samsung made some wrong attempt to keep their competitors down in the respective field.HTC- Samsung tweets

At last another popular android manufacture LG came as a mediator in this tech battle. They tweeted to both manufactures with a perfect image of Michael Winner. In that image Michael Winner said to Samsung and HTC that to calm down it is only a phone. If we take account for the Smartphone momentum Samsung gets a little more impression from users. Both manufactures must show their power through right sales of their respective Smartphones.