How to turn on button shapes in iOS 7.1 operating system

Apple released iOS 7 operating system with much changes from it’s predecessor. The change of button shapes into text label is one among them. But it is at not all an easy task to recognize them easily. But now you can find an option for enable/disable button shapes through iOS 7.1 updation.

Enable button shapes on iOS 7.1

By enabling button shapes in iOS 7.1 you can easily recognize buttons and text labels. The shapes will depends on the priority of particular button within the OS.

  • Go to settings.settings
  • Select general tab and click on accessibility.button shapes
  • Select ‘button shapes’ from the option and turn it on.button shapes changes

Now you can see new button shapes appears for desired options. But for some small buttons like repeat or shuffle within music won’t see shapes, will get an unline for the text.

Top image credit : Apple