How to turn off history tracking in YouTube

With recent YouTube updation Google once again started monitoring your watch history. The YouTube history control you have done before this updation won’t works at this time. So here how to turn off history tracking in YouTube.turn off history tracking in YouTube

The video list that have streamed on your YouTube account sounds your watching behavior, same time can increase the frequency of watching. YouTube watch history can viewable only through your Google account. But if you want to restrict the chance of seeking your YouTube behavior by someone else you only need to make a few changes within history management within the service.

Turn off history tracking in YouTube

Once you access the YouTube and sign in with your Google account you can see watch behavior along with the videos from the channels you have subscribed. Here you can manage your subscription, history, playlist and more, to control the history seeking,

  • Click on history within the upper left corner of YouTube.
  • Under watch history menu you can you can select entire videos, or one by one.YouTube history manage
  • Then hit on remove button.
  • Click of pause history to stop monitoring your watch behavior in YouTube.

Once changed the mind you can turn on the YouTube history by hitting resume watch history option in YouTube, can get the videos in your category much faster way.