Turkish Republic Day Google Doodle

Google celebrated Republic Day of Turkey with the doodle including National flag in it. Turkey Republic Day is celebrated on October 29th every year. It was on 1923 Turkey was declared republic.

Turkish Republic Day Google Doodle
Turkish Republic Day- Google Doodle (Oct 29, 2007)

Turkey Republic Day declaration was done by Mustafa Kemal. It was after three years Turkey was officially declared as Republic of Turkey in the year 1923. After the declaration Ataturk was elected as president of Turkey. From then Turkish people celebrate October 29 with grand functions.

In most of the countries on Republic Day Google publishes special doodles with the national flags of respective countries. Turkish Republic Day Google Doodle also we can see the national flag replacing Google logo letter ‘l’.

Turkey has got great importance in the world history. It is a country bordered with eight other countries. There are many famous people from Italy who contributed many things for the world. Turkish people have shown their skills in all areas including art, literature, science and technology.

Turkey Flag
Turkey Flag[Image Credit :123rf.com]
Turkey is a country which stands at a good position in world in agriculture, shipping, textile and transportation. It is a developing country of the world which has got great role in making the world economy stable. It’s an honor by Google to Turkey this special doodle on their Republic day.

Apart from the trade and economy Turkey has got a respectable culture and tradition. Turkey is the country of people who knows to help and love each other.  Turkish people are very good in etiquette. They treat the guests that come to their house as their family members and give all respect to them and take care of them until they live home.

Turkey is a country where all festivals are celebrated in a grand way. Whatever may be the celebrations they celebrate it with togetherness and fun. New Year day is one among the most celebrated day of Turkey. On that day people join together for celebrations with single heart and soul.

Turkey is also gifted by naturally beautiful places which catch attraction of tourists all most all seasons of the year. People all across the world come to Turkey to spend their holidays peacefully and with fun. There are many places in Turkey which tells us about the ancient culture of Turkey. Aspendos Theater was built in AD 155 at the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, this theater is preserved with same proud and honor in Turkey and it’s one of the most attracted tourist place in Turkey.

Mount Nemrut, Bodrum, blue mosque, Hagia Sopia, Libraray of celsus are some of the other tourist places of the country. We can see a huge crowd of people in these places during the seasons of the country.

As in all other countries Turkey also celebrate their republic day every year in a grand way. In 2007 Google also honored the nation with this doodle on the home page.