Turkey Children’s Day Google Doodle

Children’s Day is celebrated in every countries on some day of the year to bring out the hidden talents in our children. In Turkey it’s on 23rd April of every year they organize TRT International children festival. This is the Children’s Day of Turkey. The mission of tis festival is to increase the love and friendship among the children.

Turkey Children’s Day Google Doodle
Turkey Children’s Day(April 22, 2007)

In the year 2007 Google released to separate doodles in different places. One was for celebrating the Earth Day which was very colorful and the next one was for Turkey Children’s Day which was released only on Turkey. Turkey Children’s Day Google Doodle included the picture of an innocent child who is sketching out the Turkey national flag in a white paper. Crescent moon in a white paper replaced the Google third letter ‘o’ and a small by replaced the first ‘o’ of the doodle.

It was to mark the beginning of Turkish Assembly Mustafa Kemal Ataturk introduced the Children’s Day in Turkey. First time it was celebrated in the year 1979. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a leader who fought for people of Turkey throughout his life time. He did many things to ensure the security of children and to educate children. He wanted a country in which children can enjoy all freedom.

The TRT Children’s Day celebration have got the participation from more than 50 countries now. In the initial year the Children’s Day was celebrated by including children from five countries. Though the actual celebration of Children’s Day is on April 23rd  children from various places join together on 22nd itself.

It is to take rehearsal for the next day programs they come and meet on that day. Gala is one of the main event which takes place on the Children’s Day which last for 4 hours. This event will be shown live in many television channels. It’s the program that first takes place on 23rdMarch where children will dress up in traditional dress and dance up with their traditional song. This program is included in the chart because children can have interaction with each other and create a friendship among each other by giving them a chance to be together for some time.

Gala[Image Credit :kusadasi.biz]
TRT Children’s Day is celebrated in four days. After this Gala there will be variety of performance and competitions for children then on the next days they will organize a picnic where children can enjoy is all manner. All these are intended to create special binding among the children. After the three day program it’s on 26th of April they will return to their places. At the time of separation we can see tears in the eyes of children which makes it clear that mission of the program was successful.

Children enjoy these four days of the year in the best manner. They are free to play, enjoy and do whatever they like. Turkish Radio and Television Corporation is the main authority which organize this event with the motto of love, peace and friendship. As we can see in Google doodle it’s celebrate with all the importance every year innocently as the starts of the celebrations are children.