Google logo imaged Amphitheatre of El Jem in Tunisia Republic Day 2013 doodle

Tunisia Republic Day 2013 doodle was released in Tunisia for celebration by Google on July 25 . Tunisia got independence in middle of 20th century. But only 15 months later Tunisia was declared as Republic.

Tunisia Republic Day 2013 doodle
Tunisia Republic Day 2013 (July 25, 2013)

On 25th July Google released a special doodle by remembering the specialty of the day. The Tunisia Republic Day 2013 doodle highlighted the Roman amphitheater situated in EL Djem which is built during first half of 3rd century AD, it is also a world heritage site.

Tunisia Google logo is written as in the form of that architecture in the Google doodle Tunisia Republic Day 2013.The national holiday is celebrated with fireworks and decorating the streets with flags etc. So Tunisia Republic Day 2013 doodle both of them are included.

Tunisia is the smallest country of North African continent. Tunisia is a member of Arab Maghreb Union, African Union and Arab League and having association agreement with the European Union.

Tunisia has close relation with France in terms of economical, industrial and privatization sectors, it have  Algeria at its west, Libya at south east and Mediterranean Sea at the north and east.

Some people will celebrate the Republic Day as any other holiday by relaxing with their family some others are in prayers for their imprisoned family members for the pardon from president. During the Republic Day imprisoned people who have done some petty crime will get some consideration. This is a huge relaxation as the Tunisian jails are notoriously harsh.

After the overthrow of autocratic President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011 first free election is conducted in Tunisia as a part of revolution. The Sahara Desert situated on the south of country is one of its geographic specialty. Also the name Tunisia is derived from capital Tunis which is located in the northeast.

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