Celebrate Tu B’av 2014 with Google Doodle

Tu B’av 2014 Google Doodle to welcome lover’s day landed on homepage in Israel. It’s on 11 August 2014, Tu B’av is celebrated this year. Little animation in heart makes Google Doodle live for the day.

Tu B'av 2014 with Google Doodle
Tu B’av 2014 with Google Doodle(August 11, 2014)

Celebrating month of Av fifteenth day, Tu B’av is the perfect day for marriage and love. In most of the places in Israel celebration is similar to Valentine’s Day. Proposals, wedding, commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows makes up day in Israel.

Logo is included in Google doodle, replacing alphabet ‘o’ to symbol of love made it perfect for lovers day in Israel.

Girls dressed in white dance in vineyards on the day spreading happiness. It is believed the day to start grape harvest. In another legend regarding the observation of the day, Tu B’av is celebrated on the day when ban of marrying man of other tribes are removed. Also, there is beliefs related to Jewish history and christian culture in celebrating Tu B’av.

Whatever may be legends, people today celebrate the day at best with dance,romance, love, happiness, marriage celebrations. Tu B’av is regarded to be the best Matchmaking day of the entire year. Google too celebrated day with this doodle in Google Israel homepage.