Tu B’av 2013 doodle on Google to celebrate day of Love

Tu B’av 2013 doodle,to celebrate day of love in Israel by Google. To announce the specialty of the day Google included two heart shaped cookies in the place of letter ‘o’ in the doodle.

Tu B'av 2013 doodle
Tu B’av 2013(Jul 22, 2013)

The celebrations of the day is similar to Valentine’s Day over Israel. It is observed as the matchmaking day in the country. Special customs are followed by the people on Tu B’av day over there.

We can see the reflection of love and happiness of the day in the Tu B’av 2013 doodle too, similar to Valentine’s Day doodle.  As the letters are replaced with the heart shaped cookies it points that it’s the day dedicated to love. As the name suggest Tu B’av is observed every year on the 15th day of the month of Av.

There is a belief that it is the perfect day for love and wedding, So Jewish people select this day in the year for wedding celebrations. We can see a large number of couples getting married on the Tu B’av day.

Tu B’av Dance
[Image Credit :jpost]
There are many legends relating to the beginning of celebration of Tu B’av in Jewish culture. Earlier it was said as the beginning of the grape harvest. It is said that during olden days unmarried girls wear beautiful white garments and dance in the vineyards and spread joy and happiness to everyone.

Some other stories says it is on this day the ban of marring man of other tribes was removed. Before this,  the female was only allowed to marry man of same tribe to secure their fathers land and tresures. Whatever the legends and beliefs they follow, today, this is the day of love, happiness and matchmaking.

Tu B’av 2013 was also similar to all other years. It was on July 22 Tu B’av 2013 was observed. Many couples entered in to the binding of marriage on the day, many of them found their perfect match and celebrated the day with their loved ones. Google also took part in the love and happiness of the day with this Tu B’av 2013 Google doodle.