Experience the space miracle with Transit of Venus Google Doodle

The search giant published transit of Venus Google Doodle within the homepage on 7th June 2004, reflection of great space wonder.

Transit of Venus Google Doodle
Transit of Venus Google Doodle (Jun 7, 2004)

Within transit of Venus Google Doodle you can see that the second ‘O’ within the official logo is replaced by symbol of Sun and transits of Venus through it. Google brilliantly makes the pictuarization of transit of Venus exactly in the way of we see it.

2012 Venus Transit
2012 Venus Transit
[Image Credit : NASA/SDO, AIA ]
The Venus transition has very much scientific importance in the history as it is the first method or system used to measure the size of our solar system. By the observations made by the transit occurred in 1639, scientists calculate the distance between sun and Earth combined with parallax theorem. This was considered as the most accurate calculation in that time.

The following transits allow the scientists to calculate more accurate values. According to the transit in 1874 and 1882, American astronomer Simon Newcomb found a refined value of 149.59 million kilometers from the data collected from previous 4 transitions. European Southern Observatory (ESO) build a network including amateur astronomers and students with the participation of number of scientific organizations in order to calculate the more accurate distance between Earth and Sun.

Usually the transit occur in June or December, but it will drift slowly by 2 days in each 243 year period. As the transit of Venus occurs in pairs, but some are not happened as pairs. The last one was in 1396 and the next will be in 3089.