Top new applications for Windows 8 devices

The metro based Windows 8 operating system launched back in month of October. Now millions of desktops. laptops and tablets are powered by Windows 8 operating system. Here is the list of top new applications for Windows8 devices.Top new applications for Windows 8 devices

Window store is become a rich source for all types of applications. You can find out Windows RT or full Windows 8 based applications. So that you need not to search out the applications for Tablet and desktop from different storage places. Now the Windows store is updated with many useful applications:

News bento

News bento is an effective news reader on Windows 8. This application is effectively works with Surface tablet. The portrait mode support makes the application to flexible experience. It provides a beautiful layout to all news. One of the main features of this application is it is integrated to Google reader. So that the application supports a variety of news sources. You can also pin the application to the start screen to get the updations right from the start itself. The application also focused for perfect image layouts. The full reader support also makes the news bento application more advanced.

Flip Toast

Flip toast application developing by focusing on today’s social networking impact. This application helps you gets the updations from a numbers of social networking sites by one tap. Flip Toast allows you to sign into Facebook and Twitter at the same time. So that you can commenting tweeting liking through a single interface. You can also get updations from these sites at the same time. Like this you can also get into LinkedIn and Instagram at the same time.  The live tile support of this application helps you to get updations right from the start screen.

Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 is an alternative application to Windows media player as it is gone from new OS. The advanced media player converts the files into desired formats. You can enjoy 3D videos in media player 8. It automatically loads subtitles for movies and videos. The advanced media player supports for multiple languages. It is featured with video stabilization. Multimedia8 automatically searches out your libraries and servers.

Metro commander

Metro commander is a new generation file manager that allows you to perform basic file operations in easiest way. You can done create, open, view, rename, move, copy, delete and search more easily than windows explorer. The application is also connect with SkyDrive so that the files can be securely stored within the cloud. The application is featured with convenient navigation options.


Skitch is an effective application that combines communication and sketching. You can reshape, mark, and point out different images with effective tools in Skitch. The application also let you to share those photos with your friends. The application helps you to narrate anything very easily by providing different effective drawing tools. The application supports portrait mode so that it is smoothly works with tablets. Skitch become very useful in workplaces to explain something in easy mode.


The kindle application in Windows allows you to access largest collection of books in kindle store easily. The application synchronization allows you to continue the flow through different devices. The live tile of Kindle reminds you about new arrival or any news on Kindle store. You can easily customize your reading activity with kindle application.

Google search

It is one of the most effective applications in Windows store. Google search application brings out the whole informations right on your fingertip. You can make phrase search voice search and image search with your Google search application. You can also access different Google services right from your application home screen.

Slacker Radio

Slacker radio is a completely free application that allows you to listen songs from different radio stations. The application supports for 200 different radio stations. The application provides a completely free service. There is no limitation in accessing the service.


Start8 application allows you to bring back the start button in Windows 8. It helps to pin the desktop and metro based application to start screen. It turns the systems to boots rightly to Windows 8 desktop. Also the shutdown option can be accessed by one click. Start8 allows you to access Windows8 start screen from the start menu. It provides a clean streamlines UI.

Fresh paint

Fresh paint is an advanced drawing application for Windows 8. It provides different tolls to shape your imagination. Also you can edit and reshape your favorite photos with fresh paint. It also provides different painting templates.