Top 10 trending technical news of the day 18th Jan 2014

Today’s bigger announcements from technical field mainly includes Google’s music time line, Amazon’s predictive shipping, price listing for Moto X covers…Etc.

1, Explore the history of music with interactive music timeline from Google

Google Play music service is known to everyone , people use it to download their favorite music . But it is difficult to find out trending list of music from vast database, right? Keeping this fact in mind Google officially introduced music timeline, an interactive visualization of different music in accordance with performance at different interval of time.

Music Time line

  • In depth data about change in music genre over the time.
  • List of key artists on each genre and related stories, list from sub genre are also available.
  • Can search for your favorite artists and will get the data about how they performed over the time.

2, Get glass free 3D on your mobile devices with EyeFly3D

You have mobile devices with full HD display and have 4G LTE services from major network providers. Also there are many services like YouTube to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows, but still your devices can’t provide a 3D experience. Be cool, EyeFly3D makes first ever glass free screenprotector that can makes 3D capability to your iPhone, iPad and Nexus  7.


It’s to keep in mind that the installing EyeFly3D is not at all like normal protecting films. You will have to install the EyeFly3D app on your device and it will shows you the lines where you adjust the protector film.

  • Developed through 5000 nano lenses to provide ultimate stereoscopic effect.
  • Can convert images and 2D videos to 3D mode with the application.
  • Can also stream the 3D contents from iTunes store.
  • Will costs $26.95 for iPhone and $59.95 for iPad Air.

3, Amazon to introduce predictive shipping for delivering things before the purchase

The announcement of package delivery with drone is one Major announcement made by Amazon in last December. Now the world’s biggest retailer is set to introduce new delivery system called predictive shipping. In one sentence it’s a system through which you will get the right groceries before you make the purchase. Anazon already owns the patent for this new age delivery system.


  • Amazon wants to cut down the delivery time and put away crowd in physical stores.
  • Also take consider about the wishes of a specific region.
  • Will provide over night service and delivery within same day.
  • Will asked for Zip codes and street address.

Image Credit :Flickr

4, Intel to cut down number of of employees by 5% in 2014

As fourth quarter earning reports of Intel made some disappointment, Company decided to cut down the number of employees by 5%.  The officials of the company reported that the company faces gradual decrease in the number of PC sales in last quarter.


Intel wants to make more investment in areas in development of low power chips and data center technology. The increase in Smartphone and tablet sales makes more favor to companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung. Intel wants to make more care on these platforms and cut down in jobs may mainly include retirements.

Image Credit : Flickr/Intel

5, Adobe lightroom for iPad will be coming soon with $99 per year subscription system

The news Adobe’s new image editing tool lightroom for iPad appeared within official site of Adobe and removed shortly by the authorities, reported by 9to5 Mac. The screenshot says that it demands $99 per year for to get full functionalities of the application.


  • Provide faster editing for bulk of high resolution photos.
  • Synchronization via Adobe’s creative cloud system .
  • Cloud storage system will saves physical memory.

6, BBM won’t comes to Windows store in near future:Blackberry

One of the biggest announcement that came from Blackberry last year is nothing but debuting of BBM for Android and iOS. The BBM messenger application made millions of downloads within weeks. But the reports from trusted reviews revealed that the Blackberry official have no plans to introduce BBM for Windows store soon.


Blackberry’s David Proulx think that BBM only for market driven platforms. He believed that Windows Phone platform didn’t comes up to large scale marketing. You can expect BBM for Windows Phone only when it makes domination in mobile platform.

Image Credit : Blackberry

 7, Motorola cut down the price of wooden covering of Moto X from $100 to $25

One of the attractive thing that seen with introduction of Moto X Smartphone is nothing but attractive outer finishes for the phone. Upon them the wooden finish attracted all customers. At releasing time it had the announcement that the wood finishing for Moto X will demands $100. But today the authorities officially shared through Google+ account of Motorola about decision of cutting down price from $100 to $25.

Moto X

It will available from January 26.The Moto X customers will also get option to choose new finishing like walnut, teak and ebony. All models of outer finishings for Moto X phone will available from January 26th onwards.

8, Second generation HTC One will debut in March, 2014

The ultrapixel HTC One is one of most successful Smartphone of previous year. It is the first ever ultra pixel Smartphone in the field and having an aluminium unibody. The reports from Bloomberg said that the release of second generation HTC One planned for March, 2014.


  • Powered by new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.
  • Will have twin sensor ultrapixel camera.
  • Runs on Android 4.4 KitKat.
  • Code named as M8 , will have 3GB RAM support.

Image Credit : HTC

9, Facebook started rolling out trending topics alongside the newsfeed

One of the focusing feature of Facebook is nothing but you get all the needed things within one place, that is friends, news, promotions…Etc. When Facebook introduced hashtag within the site users got the chance to know what the world is more talking about. Now one step forward Facebook started rolling out trending news alongside of newsfeed.


Each trending news that appears top right corner of your newsfeed contains short description about that topic. Once you click on that link you wil get more stories related to that particular topic. Each stories will depends upon users interests and connections.

10, LG plans to launch 5.9 inch Optimus G Pro 2 Tablet at MWC 2014

The Mobile World Congress for this year scheduled for February 24 to 27 in Barcelona, Spain. The second generation phablet for the successor of original Lg Optimus G Pro is the on going rumored product for MWC 2014, reported by Korean site asiae.

Optimus G Pro

Optimus G Pro 2 Phablet have 5.9″ QHD screen, the phablet will have OSI camera and will powers by Snapdragon 80X processor. The site also reported that LG G3 Smartphone will arrives in the month of May.

Image Credit : LG