Tomas Carraquilla honored with Google Doodle

The Colombian writer Tomas Carraquilla honored with Google Doodle on 17th January 2014. It was 155th Birthday of Tomas Carraquilla Google celebrated with the doodle on Google Colombia.

Tomas Carraquilla honored with Google Doodle
Tomas Carraquilla honored with Google Doodle(January 17, 2014)

Google doodle for Tomas included his image. Google logo characters are included as the portion of the building in the backgroud of Carraquilla. Tomas Carraquilla  during the life time did many simple jobs. Tomas worked as tailor, storekeeper and also as  a secretory of judge. Though out his life he had the passion of reading. This made him recognized by world though his works were not noticed in the early stages.

Tomas was born in the year 1858. Thomas start writing books in early age of his life, but it was at the age of 68, when Thomas was awarded the National Prize of Literature he got wide recognition. There are many novels, essays, stories and articles in his name.but most of them didn’t got much publicity. His mode of writing made great scholars comment him as journalist.

Simon the Magician and  The Marquess of Yolombo are the two significant novels wrote by Thomas. It was during 1890’s and 1920’s most of his prominent works got birth. In 1935, Carraquilla was awarded “Cross of Boyaca”. This winner of this award is given equal value of president in Colombia.

Thomas Carquilla’s vision was diminished due to a surgery in 1934, but he didn’t gave up his creativity. Thomas dictated his thoughts and created ‘Long Time Ago’ which got National award for literature in 1936.  Tomas Carquilla Library Park is named in his honor. Carquilla died in 1940 December 19th at the age of 82.