Tom Jobim’s Birthday celebration with Google Doodle

Tom jobim is a Brazilian singer, composer, writer, pianist and guitarist. He was born on 25th January 1927. On the anniversary day Google published Tom Jobim’s Birthday doodle on homepage.

tom jobim's birthday doodle
Tom Jobim’s Birthday (January 25, 2011)

Tom Jobim’s Birthday doodle included pictorial view of Jobim’s musical life. Doodle is designed in such a way that it reflects evening view of beach side. It included hills, beaches, sunglasses, grand piano, hat, shells and sand .The Bossa nova style of music which made Tom recognized by the world is hiddenly reflected in the Google Doodle. The blue sea, golden sand, piano all these make the doodle beautiful.

Tom Jobim
Tom jobim-Brazilian singer
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Jobim gave a new style in music, the Bossa nova style of music. His composing was world famous and it was used by many singers .The bossa nova music style got its rhythm’s from samba music. His music gave jazz musicians a great support.

Jobim was successful as a song writer, composer, arranger, pianist and guitarist.

“The girl from Impanea” is the work which made him recognized by the whole world. He gave great contribution in the jazz and pop music’s .The collaboration with the American saxophonist Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto was a stepping stone in his career.

He was recognized by many honors and awards. He was the winner of “Life time achievement a “of 54th Grammy awards. As a tribute to him the municipality of Rio de Janeiro changed the name of Rio’s Galeao international airport to  Galeao airport as it is mentioned in his composition “Samba do aviao “ in January 5th 1999.

December 8th 1994 was the day which took this great personality away from us. Though he is not with us, his is still alive everywhere in the earth where there is music through his everlasting contributions.Tom Jobim’s Birthday doodle was a real tribute to him.