Tizen OS no more, Samsung- Android bond gets strengthen again

One of the popular Russian bloggers Eldar Murtazin Tweeted yesterday that Tizen OS no more. So the Redwood and Melius going to be the first and last Tizen based Smartphone from Samsung, Samsung- Android bond gets strengthen again.

Tizen Os no moreEldar Murtazin written in his Twitter post that ‘Tizen OS no more, it is not delay, I doubt that Samsung will launch more than one device running on Tizen’. Eldar Murtazin is one of the popular Smartphone reviewers. The can cancellation of Tizen project not at all confirmed by the Company till now.

Earlier in this year there are many reports on the arrival of first ever Tizen based Smartphones from Samsung. The Redwood and Melius is the much rumored Smartphones. There have a chance to happen the introduction of Tizen Smartphones from Samsung. It is because Samsung every time introduced a device before the dismissal of any of its technology belonging to it.

As Tizen OS no more the bond between Samsung and Android gets even more strengthen than before. All innovative Samsung Smartphones today available in the market powered by Google’s android operating system. We knew that the fastest selling Galaxy SIV and other four different variants of this handset run on android. The innovative features of this operating system itself are the reason for the adoption by major cellphone manufactures.

Key specifications of Tizen OS:

  • Tizen is an open source operating system from Samsung and Intel.
  • The Linux kernel and WebKit runtime provides the users much smoother experience.
  • It can be run on Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs.
  • Tizen operating system can support HTML5 applications.
  • It allows ARM and x86 based platforms.
  • Tizen SDK allows the third party developers to make innovative applications.
  • Application development in Tizen based on JavaScript, JQuery and JQuery mobile.
  • It can provide features like 3D window effect, advanced multimedia, sensor frameworks, smart multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities.
  • Redwood and Melius becomes the first ever Tizen based Smartphone from Samsung.