Samsung to introduce Tizen based Redwood and Melius Smartphones

Today’s Smartphone world is leads by none other than Samsung itself. But android have a great part behind the successful sales of Samsung handsets. But now they plans to introduce handset that running on home grown Tizen OS. Samsung to introduce Tizen based Redwood and Melius Smartphones this year.

Tizen SmartphonesThe news about the introduction of Tizen Smartphones is shared by Greek technical community According to them the Tizen based Smartphones gets introduced in the month of August, 2013. The upcoming Samsung handsets code named as Redwood and Melius. It will surely make a new turn from android by the Samsung Company.

Tizen based Redwood and Melius Smartphones

The Redwood Smartphone has code of GT-I8805 and GT-I8800 turns for Melius. Both Samsung Smartphones will runs on Tizen 2.1 operating system. Upon these Smartphones Redwood will works under ever fast 4G LTE network, and the Melius powered by international 3G network. The Tizen 2.1 operating system code named as Magnolia.

“The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in high end category. The device will be best product equipped with best specifications” The executive Vice president of Samsung mobiles, Lee Young Hee said. Redwood and Melius will become first ever Tizen devices to gets market globally.Redwood Tizen based Smartphone from Samsung

The Tizen operating system

  • Tizen is an open source operating system, which is governed by Samsung and Intel.
  • The major components of Tizen operating system are Linux Kernel and WebKit runtime. It provides customizable smoother experience for users.
  • The Tizen operating system can power Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs.
  • Tizen OS provides high support for HTML5 applications. It has robost capabilities and cross platform flexibility.
  • The Tizen SDK allows developers to create innovative applications.
  • It provides application development based on JavaScript jQuery and jQuery mobile.
  • Tizen operating system allows ARM and x86 model platforms.
  • The Smartphones that are runs on Tizen operating system can provide 3D window effect, advanced multimedia, sensor frame works, smart multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities.