Holidays 2014 Google Doodle greets users with caption ‘Tis The Season!

Greeting users ‘Tis the Season!,Google presents first doodle of Holidays 2014 on December 23. Doodle depicts group of children enjoying ride in sleigh pulled by a reindeer.

Happy Holiday 2014 Google Doodle
Happy Holiday 2014 Google Doodle(December 23, 2014)

Google publishes Doodles in homepage across the globe on series of holidays in month of December, this is search giants way of celebrating Christmas and New Year holiday season. This doodle that you could see today on your Google home may be this years first doodle among the Holiday series.

On hovering mouse over the colorful doodle, you could see message ‘Tis the Season! and clicking on it takes you to the search page for same caption. In previous years, ‘Happy Holidays ‘ greeting message was also included by Google in its h0mepage. Wishing ‘Tis the Season!, Google is playing more diplomatic this time making it acceptable to global users rather than pointing on group of users.

Similarities and Differences Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and ‘Tis the Season!

Merry Christmas is the common greeting, both written and spoken used weeks before and on the Christmas Day from years to wish each other. Happy Christmas, Merry X’mas, Happy X’mas also were used for greeting.

Recently, estimates and polls says new generation in Europe and Western countries prefer Happy Holidays to greet. Popularity of the phrase increased after release of Irving Berlin song ‘Happy Holiday’. In fact, Happy Holidays is greeting message used to share happiness of entire season, including festivities Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year. Now, Happy Holidays is used as short form of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.

‘Tis the Season! is also a similar usage to Merry Christmas, a quote from the song Messiah. With ‘Tis the Season! wishes Google’s Holiday 2014 logo became more Christmas Friendly.

Doodle will be present for 24 hours on Google homepage.