Adventurer Thor Heyerdahl’s 100 Birthday marked with Google Doodle

Norwegian adventurer, explorer and ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl’s 100th Birthday was marked with a doodle on homepage by Google. Doodle will be on Google homepage of selected countries on 6th October.

Thor Heyerdahl Google Doodle
Thor Heyerdahl Google Doodle(October 6, 2014)

Thor Heyerdahl was born on 6 October 1914. He was a great nature lover and loved to explore nature from childhood itself. UNESCO added Thor Heyerdahl archives in Memory of World Register in 2011. Kon Tiki Museum and National Library of Norway in Olsa have collection of his archives.

As in Google Doodle, it was explorations and finding he got from those exploration make him remembered today also. Kon Tiki expedition is the one which made world recognize him. Thor Heyerdahl and other members started the journey from South America to Polynesian Islands using Kon Tiki raft. Later, years after expeditions scientific world accept that Thor Heyerdahl and crew were not completely wrong, Polynesia have South American roots.

Thor Heyerdahl

Born in Norway, Thor Heyerdahl with a great interest in Zoology created a small museum in his home in childhood. Main attraction of little Thor Heyerdahl’s museum was Vipera Berues, the venomous snake.

Studying Geography and Zoology at University of Oslo, he specialized in the subjects. At the same time , Heyerdahl privately researched on Polynesian culture and life. It was in 1937,  Heyerdahl had his first expedition to Polynesia.  Heyerdahl severed in free Norwegian Forces during the time of Second World War.

It was ten years later, in 1947 Kon Tiki expedition started. Taking the expedition as the main theme a Norwegian drama film named Kon Tiki was out in 2012. Kon Tiki was the most expensive film produced till that date in Norway.

In following years after Kon Tiki expedition,  Heyerdahl involved in many other archaeological projects, boat buildings and explorations. RA Expeditions, Galapagos Expedition, Easter Island Expedition includes some of them.

Heyerdahl was member of International Congress of Americanists, International Congress of Anthropology and Ethnology and also he was given many honors, awards and medals for his findings. 11 honorary doctorates received by Thor Heyerdahl from European and American Universities shows strength of his contributions. Academic, Government and State honors in recognition to Thor Heyerdahl is uncountable.

Most of his books, records, photographs, diaries and other works are preserved in Museums as an asset to next generation. Thor Heyerdahl died on 18 April 2002, at age of 87 due to Brain Tumor. Varies buildings, schools and organizations have been renamed to his name in honor to him, also you can see many statues of Thor Heyerdahl in Norway at many places.

Google Doodle on Thor Heyerdahl’s 100th Birthday is an honor to him.