Theodor Heuss Birthday doodle including his Silhouette by Google

Google presented a beautiful doodle on its homepage in Germany on 31st of January in the year 2009 at Germany. It was in remembrance of the first German president after the Second World War Theodor Heuss this Google doodle was published in Google homepage.

Theodor Heuss Birthday doodle
Theodor Heuss Birthday doodle (January 31, 2009)

Theodor Heuss Birthday doodle  included the picture of Theodor Heuss in the Google logo. We can’t see any particular other images in the doodle. It’s simply and perfect doodle to celebrate the birthday of this simple person.

It was on 31st January 1884 Theodor Heuss was born in Brackenheim. After taking his doctorate in the year 1905 Theodor entered in to political activity. He contributed articles to various magazines in this period.

Theodor Heuss
Theodor Heuss[Image Credit :ecured]
After the First World War he started a magazine and he was also an active member of German Democratic Party from the year 1930. Though Theodor was given many posts during this period it was after the Second World War he became the prominent leader of Germany.

In 1945 he was given the post of Minister of education and cultural affairs. After that time he was active in the political field of Germany. He even took the role of a professor during those period which made he well known in the country.

It was in the year 1949 Theodor Heuss became the president of Germany after defeating the social democratic leader. T was an excellent leader that German people have ever seen. His leadership qualities, confidence and attitude is a model for all leaders in today’s generation.

He was given many honors during his life time for what he had done for the country. He was a leader who worked for the country whole heartedly. Now Theodor Heuss award is given to those who show excellence in democratic disposition.

Google honored him by picturing a silhouette image of him in the Google logo to make him remembered on his birthday.