The ultimate Apple

Apple is world’s most valued technical company. Apple have a successful history of introducing generations of products in a period of time. Here the story of ultimate Apple.
The ultimate Apple

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the company in 1976 . Once Steve said “man is the creator of change in the world as such he should be above all systems and structures and not subordinate to them”,official Apple mission statement.

Steve jobs such a great man who has greater engineering power and global vision on customer discovery and marketing. Without having any doubt we can say that the key factor behind Apple’s success is Steve jobs. Also he had a great insight thought about how the customers need to get technology at its best. He is the only CEO who can generate a net profit of $144 million per quarter.

The very first quality of Apple is the ability to understanding what the customers really want. They also have a hawk’s focus on their production. Once the Apple set for a job they just focused on it and eliminate all other jobs and offers. They do their best to make all levels of production at its peak.

Among these Apple gave the very first priority for design factor as presentation of a product has so much importance. So Apple group have world’s very best design groups like Richard Jordan, Jim Stewart, Robert Brunner Jonathan Ive and they make it in professional and creative manner.

By analyzing you can understand the interesting fact about Apple doesn’t unveil a large number of products by this time. They do constant improvement and recreation on same product. While saying about Apple the innovative products coming to our mind is Mac, iPod and most significant iPhone.

The true and amazing fact that these products are released years ago and the series of these products are still top hit at market. Apple made the improvements to their products by focusing on future technologies at the same time they withstand the basic features. These generations of generations products from Apple are ever time hit products.

As Apple is the top grosser than any other tech companies; over 42 percentages they can make available all factors at its best. Apple is a heavenly tech company where we can see only the best things. They have the top paid highly talented employees across the world.

The highest gross margin also helps the Apple to make strong relationship with world’s best wireless carriers to make the service the as much best as possible. Apple uses the services of Verizon AT&T sprint and T mobile to make up the best phone distribution.

Apple has a great power of insight so that they can provide the right technology at right time when the customers really need it. iPhone and iPad is the ever best products from Apple it became the best with Apple store. An online I application storage from Apple Inc. it contains more than 500000 innovative applications that provides the best service across all possible areas.

The iTunes applications are developed by world’s best application developers through iOS SDK and millions of applications are downloaded from Apple application store in each day. Apple made everything that stand within customer compatibility that’s why they make everything simple. Apple also provide world’s largest entertainment media iTunes that let you to drown in the world of entertainment. It brings together all your favorite stuff at one place.

We don’t have to be get wondered when tech giant like Samsung copied the features of Apple and E-commerce sites are crowded for to get Apple products to attract web users Apple is such a top talented future seeking technical giant. Apple itself gets enthusiastic on what they do. So the tech world follows Apple rather than make a worst attempt on over take them.