The major Tablets to be launched in 2013

This year you have seen many major tables release from the tech companies like Samsung, Apple and Google. As 2013 at the door steps what can expect from technical world.  Let’s have a look on the major tablets to be launched in 2013.major Tablets to be launched in 2013

Fifth generation iPad & iPad Mini with retina display

Last September Apple released  fourth generation iPad and iPad mini. Apple iPad mini got higher user rating than that off iPad 4. As by reports Apple will introduce fifth generation iPad and iPad Mini with retina display in the month of September. The fifth generation iPad will runs on upcoming iOS 7 operating system, will have redesigned structure and applications. The biggest change is nthing but retina display for iPad Mini, which the first version missed. The price tag of second version of iPad Mini also increases by retina display.

The next generation Nexus  II tablet

Google released the first ever tablet series from the Company in June 2011 with the Nexus 7, a 7 inch tablet from Google, four months later Google also came up with next version of home grown tablet by Nexus 10,has a 10 inch screen with 300ppi pixel density. It is powered by dual core A15 processor. The inbuilt pure version of android is the first ever feature of Nexus tablets. Google will make the release of Nexus II tablet in the second half of 2013, have new generation android updation.

Surface II tablets

In 2012 the customers around the globe uniquely surprised with the release of Surface tablet other than that of windows 8 operating system. The first version of Microsoft tablet running on Windows RT operating system. Depending upon the sales of Surface Pro and Surface RT Microsoft will make second generation surface tablet in this year. Surprisingly the upcoming second generation Surface tablets will have new Windows 8.1 updation.

Here it is only the tablets from most popular manufactures. CES 2013 will showcase with innovative tablets from a number of Companies and we will see it soon.