The history of Google Doodle

Sometimes a little creativity can spread smile in many faces. That’s why Google is engaged in making their home page visually attractive through its doodles. Here read about the history of Google Doodle

Google Doodle

The start was from Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were made a little modification to the actual logo. They just placed a stick figure drawing behind the second “o” in the word Google. It was at the time when company was incorporated in 1998. This change was made as to spread a comic message when the founders are gone “out of office”.

That was the start and then they think on it and decided to make creative doodles on special events like National Day, Festivals etc. The idea was to decorate the actual logo in relation with the special event for which the doodle is dedicated. Then the first official doodle was appeared on Google’s home page on August 30, 1998 as a part of Burning Man festival. The doodles released in the earlier was simple and irregular. Only some special events were selected.

The idea of elaborating the work was put forwarded to current webmaster Dennis Hwang in 2000 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. After the appointment of Dennis Hwang as a chief Googler there come more regularity in appearing doodles on the Google’s home page. As I mentioned earlier they were only concentrated in most famous festivals or events in the starting time. Google is always enthusiastic to hear from their users.  So they made provision to users to post/email their suggestions at about the next doodle they want to see on Google’s home page.

There is a dedicated team for creating doodles and we call them doodlers. Due to the effort of this team around 1500 doodles for Google’s home page are created all around the world. Still more to come. The team of doodlers by considering the proposals from users decide which doodle will crate and which design to give. This is a creative process which truly reflects Google’s personality and love for innovation.

As time goes the variety of doodles was began to appear on the Google home page. Now a day’s lot of interactive doodles are coming which shows the embrace new technologies like we can play game on the doodle. These all are happened as a result of experimenting in different artistic mediums. Now it is a big responsibility of a group of talented illustrators and engineers (doodlers) to make creative doodle. It is a team effort to make the home page attractive with new creative ideas and brings up the smile on the faces of millions of Google users.