Hop- the hand free suitcase that follows your path

When you take a look at the people around you can see that everyone is roaming with some kind of luggage with them. It is became all-time companion of us which carries the things for our basic needs. But many of you got tired with carrying all these. Now be happy with ‘Hop’-the hand free suitcase that follows your path.the hand free suitcase that follows your path

The new innovative hop suitcase works out through a smartphone and with micro controllers in the suitcase. The new system is coming up by understanding the fact that today everyone have a smart phone in their hand.

The micro controllers in the suitcase get constant signals from the users’s smart phone so that it can readily detects the path through which the man goes. Based upon the signal the caterpillar system in micro controllers moves the suitcase in right direction of the user goes.

The movement of suitcase is at a constant distance from the user and is at an affordable speed. It also remind the user via alert on the phone when connection get lost by signal problem. Also the very next time the suitcase gets locked. Technology is means to makes the day to day life more easier. So it aims for every possible section of our daily life.