Archie – The first ever internet search engine

Today you are blessed with effective search engine those can exactly what you mean and gives back you exactly what you want. But have you ever think of which is the first ever search engine service. Meet Archie the first ever search engine.the first ever search engine

The father of internet search engine Archie was invented by Alan Emtage a computer science student from McGill University, made this invention in the year of 1989. Emtage begin the Archie as a part of his project. In the project Emtage developed a list of FTP archives. McGill made it searchable from local files through Unix grep commands. It is a command line utility used in Unix operating system for find out plain text.

It helps to search out the specified results easily. Later Bill Heelan and Peter Deutsch the students from the same McGill University developed a system that allow the people to collect the informations from using their account. In short time the popular service spread across the internet. The whole information they had collected shared between the Archie servers.

The Archie servers became available to World Wide Web interface within short time. It was coming after they had gone through several other technologies like telneting and by local clients. Alan Emtage along with his friends started Company Bunyip informations System in 1992 which is based on the service to provide internet informations to people around the globe. Within a few months the Archie had catalogued with more than 200 FTP sites.

The site indexing is a method used by the servers to crawl through different sites. This process is done to fetch every page in sites and collect the different keywords that found in the database. So that your site will appeared in searches while the users searched with those keywords. A decade ago Archie used template indexing method to make smarter website indexing. Template indexing is completely different from that of today’s site mapping.

Google - the internet search giant
The internet search giant Google – which gets 91 million searches in a day

It is a known fact that Archie is not as effective as s search engines like Google. But it helps to retrieve the informations by the known file name. The main focused thing about Archie is it was available in 20 years before. Archie made thousands of users from worldwide at that time. The Archie servers processed 50000 queries per day which is pretty impressive. Normally Archie search works with regular expressions which follow the convention of end commands.

Archie also contains the characters with special meaning. You have to specify the mode of search in Archie that is if you are searched for web then tap on web index. The search type in Archie is coming under exact, sub-string and regular expression. The sub string type turns the match according to user given substring. The output format in Archie is comes with three different category. The first one is keyword type in which the output results are only within the keyword format. The second one is in excerpts type. In this category the results show off short excerpts of the desired document. The last one is with link format which gives out the desired links.