The Facebook Addiction

What makes Facebook unique from all other social networking site? Have you ever thought of it? because it provide all sort of tools for connecting people together. Here the elements which makes the Facebook addiction.

the facebook addictionPopularity of Facebook is not obtained in a lightning time. It’s the continuous effort from the time when it started in the year 2004 which resulted in its growth to a social networking site which consist of more than 1.06 billion active users. Mark Zuckerberg is the man who is behind in making the world get connected through the foundation of Facebook. Zuckerberg started his career on technical world in early time of his childhood itself. Now the acceptance of Facebook in the world made him listed in the list of world’s younger billionaire.

The continuous changes that it make in the features and appearance is the main reason behind the Facebook addiction. From the time it started there were many new applications addition in Facebook. Facebook provides the means to get connected to the world with all privacy and security.

Today according to the reports there are about 310 million users login to Facebook in a single day and about 8013638 links directing to it. That means Facebook have got database of more than a billion personal information. It’s the only site which have this much vast database records of personal information. Facebook is the second most visited site in the world after Google.

There is a big role in increasing popularity of smartphones in increasing the popularity of Facebook. Today every smartphone that get released in the market have the provision for including Facebook apps in it. So a Facebook user can login to the account from anyplace if they have their mobile in hand. This simple and easy way of access make Facebook popular all across.

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook usage is not limited to the people of a particular age limit. It has got users of all ages from children to old aged people. The skillful thought of connecting people in a different way was the inspiration for the making the Facebook a reality.

What make people addicted to Facebook? Yes, it’s the wide range of application in it makes it popular. The most popular application of Facebook is the ‘Like’ and ‘Unlike’ option provided for status updating, photos and videos by friends in friend list and groups. This is the best way that site provided to express your opinion in a simple click.

The next popular option is the sharing option which give the chance to share what you love. By creating groups and pages you can find out the people of your taste and like. Groups and pages also helps to get in contact with your old classmates, colleagues and friends. Apart from this Facebook is the best advertisement media. All most all popular brands and groups have pages in Facebook so liking the pages you can know that what you want to know from Facebook.

Now Facebook have become the media where news first appears and the place from where people get news of what is happening around. So today we don’t have to look up in any other places to get latest new. Just log in to your Facebook account you will get news of technical updation, new product launches and advertisements of all things what you like. Apart from all these it’s the best way to get stay close to family and friends. About 250 million photos are getting updated in Facebook in a single day. This is what the actual example for true acceptance of the people by Facebook.

Facebook also gives the options like group chatting, poking, liking and the best thing about Facebook, inviting friends for liking your creativities and events. The best method of promotion of anything and everything is Facebook.

The newly added feature of Facebook Graph beta search helps you to find out the type of people with similar interest that you have using the large personal database and user preference. It’s the large database of Facebook which simplifies the search. In the image given below you can see the picture for the search ‘Friends photos before 1999’. It’s the Graph search which made possible for getting result simply fast and accurate.

graph searchTimeline is the next best thing that Facebook included recently in the past year for users. By using timeline we can see every activities that we have done in the site in a timely order. Is there any other site which includes all the facilities that Facebook provides us? The answer is clear to you. Facebook is the last name for social networking.

Facebook addiction is increasing day by day. According to the latest reports and surveys the Facebook users will get doubled by the year 2020. Facebook is the best medium to get connected and stay connected with the world, friends and families.