The exploration of Macintosh Series

Macintosh Series is a line of personal computers which is designed, developed and marketed by mainly targeting the home users by Apple Inc. These series of desktop computers is widely used for educational purpose and creative market purposes and known as modern iMac Series. Here is the exploration of Macintosh series in detailed form.



The exploration of Macintosh Series

128k Series

The first released computer was Macintosh 128K which comes under the 128k series. The main feature isall-in-one case with a 9″ monochrome display. The 128k Series was feature with an 8 MHz 68000 processor, 128k of RAM, and a 400k disk drive  that were encapsulated in the above mentioned all- in- one case.128k series

The 128k Series includes Macintosh 128K, Macintosh 512K, Macintosh 512Ke and Macintosh Plus. It is considered as the first inexpensive computer which used graphical user interface which provides consistent feel and look among applications. Its user interface allow the users to concentrate on the work rather than struggling to get the computer to work. The power requirement was 60 Watts and is sold in the market for $2,495.

Main Features of 128k series

  • 9″ 512×384 square pixels built-in B/W Monitor
  • MC68000 Cpu
  • 8 Mhz Cpu Speed
  • 128k Dram not expandable
  • 64k ROM
  • Mac OS 1.0

Lisa Series

While the first computer in Apple Lisa Series was released all computer was operated on the basis of text commands. But in Lisa user is only need to click on some tiny pictures in the screen with mouse. Before the introduction of Lisa there were systems introduced with GUI but was sold poorly due to its high price. Lisa is short form for “Local Integrated Software Architecture”, but it was also the name of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ daughter.lisa series

Unfortunately due to the reason floppy drives were slow and unreliable Apple provided     an upgradation for existing users to Lisa 2/5 after selling 6,500 Lisa computers. The 5 in   the Lisa 2/5 represents the external 5 Meg Profile drive. Apple also released Lisa 2/10 with 10 Meg Profile drive. After one year Apple changed Lisa and replaced with Macintosh XL, which runs in Macintosh OS insread of Lisa OS.

Main Features of Lisa series

  • 12” Monochrome monitor with 720 x 364 Graphics
  • Motorola 68000 CPU
  • 5MHz CPU speed
  • 1 Meg RAM
  • Apple Lisa GUI OS

SE Series

The releasing of Macintosh SE Series in March 1987 was the attempt by Apple to begin a serious business-based Macintosh. As in the Lisa Series the SE Series was used a 68000, 8 GHz processor with 15 to 20% faster and same amount of memory of 1 MB. The Mac SE is the first system having a cooling fan apart from previous ones and make it little bit noisy. Also it is an extra drive bay that user has to either install a hard drive or install another disk drive.SE Mac series

The RAM size was also doubled and become 256k. It is the first computer to include any expansion slots for graphics or such other capabilities. As the later versions of Macintosh included Apple’s new 1.4 MB SuperDrive disk drive differently from the former versions such as  512Ke and Plus which use 800k drive. Macintosh SE FDHD and Macintosh SE/30 introduced with capability to read MS-DOS formatted disks.

Main Features of SE Mac series

  • Built-in 9-inch diagonal, 512 by 342-pixel bitmapped display
  • Motorola 68000 processor
  • 8 MHz CPU speed
  • 1 MB of RAM, 256k ROM
  • Mac OS come with  System 4.1

Classic series

The classic Series released by Apple in 1990, October Apple released several was an interesting one. Apple released super-fast, super-expensive Mac computers included in the Mac II and later the Quadra series during the late 80’s and early 90’s.Mac classic series

It was just seemed like d Apple decided to go back to its root and retains the processor and configuration as the original compact Mac models. As the consumers had the complaint that Mac systems are highly expensive than the systems which having same configuration they rehashed version of the Mac Plus in order to satisfy customers. But the system was only 5% faster than Macintosh SE and did not have a hard drive. It come with only 1 M B RAM. All these made the Classic I series to be an unattractive to buy. But Apple learn from the mistakes quickly and released more powerful Classic II with the cool-looking Color Classic.

Main Features of classic Mac series

  • Built-in 9-inch diagonal monochrome bitmapped display
  • Motorola 68000 Processor
  • 8 MHz processor speed
  • Memory 1 MB and expandable to 4MB using a RAM card
  • 1.44 MB floppy drive, some models included a 40 MB HD

Color Classic series

The Macintosh Color Classic was released on February 10, 1993. It is the first color compact Macintosh computer by Apple. It is termed as the one of the most popular and collectable computers in Mac Series.Mac color classic series

Its motherboard is similar to the LC series of Macs. The ease of accessibility of motherboard is the important feature of this series. As in Macintosh SE it also come with single expansion slot. The important and main feature is its color and display. It is equipped with 10″ Sony Trinitron color display and with the same 512×384 pixel resolution as that seen in the Macintosh 12″ RGB monitor. In earlier Mac series of computer has 32 – bit processor and 16 – bit data bus which slow down processor speed. But in this model processor, data bus and registers has 32 – bit. Color Classic was sold in US in the name Performa 250 and is like a Macintosh LC II with processor Motorola 68030 having speed 16 GHz. Later Apple released Color Classic II in Japan, Canada and Europe. Essentially it is same case with LC 550 logic board that doubled both RAM and speed.

Main Features of color classic Mac series

  • 10″ built-in display with 512×384 pixel resolution
  • Motorola MC68030 Processor
  • 16 GHz CPU Speed
  • Memory 4 MB expandable to 10 MB (For classic II expandable to 32 MB)
  • System 7.1 – Mac OS 7.6.1

LC 500 series

The original (affordable computer) LC computer was released October 1990 is the first color-capable Macintosh. The LC Series includes Macintosh LC 520, Macintosh LC 550, Macintosh LC 575, Macintosh LC 580 and Macintosh TV with 520 and 550 are very similar models and 575 and 580 are sharing common motherboard design with differences in rest of the hardware.Mac lc 500 series

The main features includes 14″ CRT display, CD-ROM drive, and stereo speakers. And shared all the features of all – in – one computer models from Mac. It has some similarity to Mac’s compact series but is larger and bulkier and has larger display compared to the 9- or 10-inch displays of compact series. The LC models become popular in educational institutions because of its durability. The Macintosh TV uses the same case of other LC series and a motherboard similar to the Macintosh LC 550.

Main Features of LC 500 Mac series

  • Built-in Display: 14″ Sony Trinitron Color CRT
  • Motorola 68LC040 Processor
  • 33 MHz Speed
  • 5 MB RAM (expandable to 68 MB)
  • Mac OS System 7.1.1 to 7.5.1, 7.5.3 to 7.6.1, 8.0 to 8.1

Power Mac 5000 Series

The first computer of Power Mac 5000 Series was Power Macintosh 5200 LC which was introduced in April 1995. The Power Mac series is different from LC Series as it is uses Power Macintosh designation of Apple’s main workstation line.power mac 5000 series

All the models of Power Mac Series is integrated with 15-inch monitor. Macintosh Power Mac 5000 Series includes the models Power Mac 5200, Power Mac 5300, Power Mac 5400, and Power Mac 5500. These each model is again expanded with sub models. 5200 series is closely related to 6200 series. The Power Mac series introduced in 1995 and discontinued in 1998.

Main Features of power Mac 5000 series

  • 15-inch (12.8″ viewable) monitor
  •  PowerPC 603 Processor
  • CPU Speed of 75MHz
  • System 7.5 .1 to Mac OS 9.1

20th Anniversary Mac

Although the specific Mac is released as a part of 20th Anniversary of Apple it has features similar to Power Mac Series. It has the motherboard similar to the model PowerMac 5500 and is truly a unique Mac.20th anniversary of Mac

It is designed based on the same 603e processor which is running at 230 MHz. There are some unique features which make the Mac released on 20th Anniversary of Apple makes unique. It has unique shape, and advanced sound and video features. It is integrated with a custom sound system and stereo speakers. Also it is enabled with TV/FM Radio System and an S-Video Input. The Mac was a limited system with an initial price of $10,000 and then it is reduced to $1,999. The 20th Anniversary Mac was discontinued in March 1998.

Main Features:

  • Monitor: 12.1″ active matrix LCD
  • PowerPC 603ev Processor
  • 250 MHz Processor Speed
  • 32 MB RAM
  • OS: 7.6.1 to OS: 9.1

Power Mac Series

The Power Mac G3 series is a series of computers released by Apple part of their Macintosh line. It is also known as Blue and White G3. This was introduced in 1999 January. It is based on newly designed motherboard with blazing-fast 66 MHz.power mac series

It was the first Apple Mac which is shipped with the new PPC 750 Processor. The Power Mac system was came with 16-bit Audio In and out on a separate card and an internal Zip drive. It was available at 233 or 266 MHz. It’s Address and Register bus width was 32 – bit and Data Bus width of 64 – bit.

Main Features of power Mac series

  • PowerPC 750 “G3” Processor
  • Speed of 233/266/300/333 MHz
  • Maximum RAM 768 MB
  •  OS: 8.0 to OS: 10.2.8

iMac Series

The first system of I – Mac series was iMac G3 and was introduced in 1998. In general iMac G3 has gum-drop or egg-shaped look. It had a CRT monitor, mainly enclosed by a colored, translucent plastic case. The second major version iMac G4 was designed as hemispherical base and freely moving arm attached to the LCD monitor.iMac

The third and fourth major revisions, the iMac G5 and the Intel iMac introduced a slim unified design with simple metal base. The 5th major model was quiet similar to the previous models with thinner design and a glass panel over the entire front. The latest model of I – Mac Series was announced in October 2012. It has only an edge thickness of 5.5mm.

Main Features:

  • 21.5” and  27″ display versions
  • Intel Core i5 and Core i7 Processor
  • 8 GB – 32 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • OS X Operating System