The collage drop out tech trio who changed the world

Would you ever believe if you heard that the heads of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are collage dropouts? Here the inspirational stories of the collage drop out tech trio who changed the world
The collage drop out tech trio who changed the world

Steve jobs

Steve jobs was charismatic CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. Now Apple is stands as the most dominant and trusted company of the world, the real reflection of Steve’s futuristic vision.Steve Jobs

Steve was born on February 24th in 1955,  adopted by an ordinary mechanist named Paul from San Francisco. He had suffered lot at his childhood. As the idiom indicates ‘a burnt child dreads the fire’ he rose up like a feeniks bird and became the ideal CEO of world’s most successful company Apple.

In the collage Reed Steve had studied only for one semester as it is a high expensive collage. But biggest break through happened during that time that he met Steve Wozniak who also had great affection towards electronics. Both of them had discussed a lot on this subject and at that time Steve had attended class on calligraphy.

In 1976 Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple. The company name not at all related to any part of science but it reminded the time Steve Jobs had spent on an Apple farm to earn some dollars for his studies. The futuristic vision and greatest engineering power of Steve Jobs help the Apple to rose up to the top of the world.

From Apple II computer to iPad you can see the professional touch this legendary CEO. Steve Jobs was the only CEO who can generate a net profit of $144 million per quarter and he had a net wealth of $8.3 billion. At the age of 56 on October 5 2011 Steve Jobs passed away because of pancreas cancer.

Steve Jobs once said “Remembering that I will dead soon is the most important tool I have ever encountered to help me to make big choices in life” as his words indicated he worked until his dead to provide us innovative products. Surely this legendary innovator; the ideal CEO of Apple remains in the heart of manhood until the sun grows cold.

Top 10 most important products from Steve Jobs

  1. Apple II computers launched in June 1977.
  2. LISA computers, Launched in 1983.
  3. Macintosh, launched in 1984.
  4. Apple iMac, launched in 1997.
  5. Apple iPod, launched in 2001.
  6. iTunes.
  7. Macbook Pro, launched in 2006.
  8. Apple iPhone, 2007.
  9. Macbook Air, 2008.
  10. Apple iPad, 2010.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is an American business magnet and current chairman of Microsoft,s the most successful personal computer software company across the globe. Windows OS is the most successful product of Windows which is now widely used in most of all personal computers.Bill Gates

Bill Gates born on October 28th 1955 in a rich family. He is a man of inborn talent in software development. The little Bill Gates starts the computer programming at the age of thirteen. Bill Gates goes for his graduation in Harvard University which is located in Cambridge United States. There he met many talented software programmers like Steve Ballmer who is now chief executive officer in Microsoft.

From the graduation time onwards Bill Gates and friends started a small company for developing small personal computers. After spent a short period in Harvard he drop out from the college and started Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen in 1975. At the beginning they mainly focused on personal computer operating system. Microsoft’s first venture is MS-DOS operating system mainly used for x86 computers. Bill Gate had begun Microsoft windows after that and series of windows operating system now ruled the PC world. The compatibility wide use video games stability and processing speed make the windows unique and dominant operating system.

Other than windows Microsoft is popular with anther innovative products like Microsoft Office the advanced office suite internet search engine Bing digital service MSN video game storage Xbox and mobile operating system windows phone. Microsoft is the only tech company that rise up 3 employees to billionaire and 12000 employees to millionaire stage. It is became the world’s most valued company for all time.

Bill Gates the founder and chairman of Microsoft had a net wealth of $66 billion regular in top list of Forbes’s world’s richest men list. The software legend also spends up more than $28 billion for welfare in Global health and education sections.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is an American entrepreneur and founder of globally popular social networking site Facebook. Zuckerberg born on may 14th in 1984. From childhood onwards Mark Zuckerberg had shown his talent in computer field. He developed a messaging program at the age of 12 using Atari. Also he had developed many computer games with help of his friends.Mark Zuckerberg

The ultimate passion towards computer field helps him to develop many softwares including music software Pandora. By seeking the ultimate talent of younger boy many popular companies including Microsoft try to recruits him but he declined all offers with honor. At the time he undergoing studies in Harvard University he made many innovations.

One of the most efficient inventions is that photo liking system that he made on collage network. It became popular in very short time and he started programmed for a new social networking site. The site became easily attracted by photo liking system. So Mark Zuckerberg and his friend Moskovitz drop out from their collage for full time involvement in the site. He named the site as Face book. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in the year of 2004.

Facebook became globally popular in no time. The photo liking system in the site is attracted by all users. Later Facebook developed through Groups events applications and games. The rapid growth of Facebook is the main reason behind the fall of Orcut. The live updations from liked pages also attractive feature of Facebook.

Now Facebook became the most crowded place in internet. The popular faces of the world such as celebrities politicians sport stars all are made their presence in Facebook. It is the only site with the largest collection of personal data and have members of 1 billion. Mark Zuckerberg had a net wealth of $12.1 billion at his younger age.

At the time of many graduates still hunting for a job to just for making money these collage drop outs tech legends are being confident from their inborn talent that gifted from the almighty and created a new world which makes other’s living worth full. They never run behind money they just focused on their profession and money follows them.