The Birth of Electronic World

This 21st century is an era of communication and technology. People likes to stay connected and be in contact with the loved once always. The increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are perfect reflection of this human behavior. Have you ever thought for a single minute about the main source or that thought behind all this human creations while using all these devices?

Invention of electricity - The birth of electronic eraThe growth of science have now reached to such a peak state that you can buy whatever you want by just sitting at your home. Devices which were available in huge size is now available to you in size smaller than pen tops. Life of people became faster and simpler than what was before. Were all these changes made in a single day? Of course, the answer is no. But there is a cause, an invention which made all these change possible.

To know about that one cause we must think about a time when there was no electric power. The time when human lived a life which was hard and tough for today’s generation. When electricity started to use for energizing equipment’s, life of human entered in to a new turning point. Then came the invention of battery, which produced electrical power from chemical reactions.

Yes, the one and only invention which made all these possible is electricity which indirectly became the source for invention of battery which is used to energize all mobile devices available in world market today. So master of all inventions is electricity. Now all the leading device manufacturers mainly point towards the best battery utilization for their products to get it attracted by people all over.

Each and every thing in this Electronic world is depending electrical power in one way or other. Just imagine a world without electricity that means world without your phones, laptops, fan, light, fridge, AC so on. Now you may be thinking of devices which doesn’t need electricity directly  but the thing is for getting it ready for use there may be use of this source of energy.electronic era

While pointing on electricity and battery how can we move on without naming the legends who first thought of this great phenomena. There were many scientist who conducted extensive researches on electricity. Thales, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Alessandro Volta are some of the names that run in our mind talking on electricity.

It’s these people who paved way for this total change over to the world in science and technology with in no time. Now the smartphone and tablet market are growing to an unbelievable phase. Now can you imagine a life without these devices? Your answer will be no.

So  we can ultimately say that the beginning of all changes that we see in this world started when human came to know of electricity, electric power and proper utilization of it. Entire world is relying on this source of power for making the life simple, fast and easier.