The biggest mistakes of Apple

Nothing is so perfect and permanent on this world. Making mistakes is not at all honorable but it is more worth full than spent the time doing nothing. The most trusted and dominant tech company Apple had its own mistakes on their way to find out new technical opportunities. Here the biggest mistakes of Apple.The biggest mistakes of Apple

The unique feature of Apple Inc which makes it differ from others is Apple always uses their own hardware and software in every product. So in the same way they used newly released iOS6 in most anticipated iPhone5. The major change that found in iOS6 is Apple replaces the Google maps and uses their own map application. But Apple can’t replace Google map from users mind as it had made so many mistakes in their map application.

Apple focused only on American cities rather than cover the whole globe. Even though Apple pays its full attention on US many cities get misplaced by the iOS map. The satellite images of many European countries are not well cleared and faces cloud obstruction. Many searches in iOS map applications direct the users to wrong results. The major fault in this area is when we search for Manchester united the maps directed us to sale united. It also shows up many geographical errors and missing of local places. So iOS6 map application is a wrong attempt of Apple and replacing of Google maps is a big mistake

Distorted view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The iProduct that uniquely ruled over the tech world is none other than iPhone 4 as there is no android or windows phone to get faced the competition. But many of iPhone 4 faces signal problem with the phone. Sometimes the phone can’t catch the signal and signal is fluctuated between one and zero strength at another time. This issue is seemed to be because of hardware antenna of iPhone 4. It also faces iOS5 software problem of showing incorrect number of bars. It is one of the main mistakes of Apple because the problem remains unsolved at the time of launching.

iPod is considered as the most innovative product of Apple. We had seen this product year before but still it hit high at the market. But the iPod that released in 2009 had no control buttons at all. All the users get very difficult to control it as it needs to control via headphone that had the controlling functionality.

Cloud computing is the biggest breaking through in technological world and its advanced opportunities are effectively used by Apple Inc. MobileMe is one of the best iCloud service from Apple. The service that is widely used in iPads and iPhones for online storage and synchronization.

But when it is firstly released by Apple for synchronization of emails address books and calendars it is get dumped due to facing lots of problems. The service show ups many functional drawbacks and users was unable to get their mails. Synchronization became good for nothing; the former CEO Steve jobs face criticisms at that time.

Napster is a popular music service that provide vast amount of music files. When it firstly released in 1999 the internet get exploded with music downloads and sharing. At that time most of people use burned DVDs to share the contents. But the popular Mac is missed with burners so that everyone goes for other products. This shows the market seeking disability of Apple.

The former CEO of Apple Steve jobs once said “sometimes when you innovate you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with innovating newer one”. Even though Apple made mistakes they stands as the most trusted and dominant tech company in the world by providing most creative products. We can also salute them for their attitude of learning from mistakes and made solutions as fast as possible.