The beginning of photo & video capturing through mobile phones

Now a days we all are familiar with the impressive technology that enables quality photo & image capturing through mobile phones. Cellphone photography is emerging as a new trend in these days with the widely increasing use of Smartphones. Let’s take a look in the beginning of photo & video capturing through mobile phones

The beginning of photo & video capturing through mobile phones

The beginning of photo capturing using cellphones are started when an entrepreneur called Philippe Kahn has captured the picture of his new born daughter in a maternity ward and shared the photo wirelessly to over 2000 people around the world. So it is credited to Philippe Kahn who illustrated the use of the camera phone back in 1997.

During those days as there are no camera phones that available commercially  Philippe Kahn combined a digital camera and a cell phone to capture the image and send them in real time. So he did a simple thing as to integrate the functionality of camera to the existing cellphone. After this huge experiment he started a company called, LightSurf technology that has highly influenced in picture messaging. Now a days it is still widely used by others like used by Sprint, Verizon, and other major carriers around the world.

Philippe Kahn was given the recognition for his excellent breakthrough as you can see him in BestBuy’s Super Bowl commercial. The internet was just 4 years old at that time and Kahn take the picture and share it through the Motorola Startac , the most famous mobile phone during that time. This concept is remaining as a basic and most prized concept in the new era of cellular technology or in the world of Smartphones. He send the picture of new born baby when there was just simple email existing and the wireless bandwidth is constrained. During that time he purchased a Casio QV – 10 Camera separately for the integration. Later Kahn said that “ I want to create a 21st century version of a polaroid picture “. So the birth of the baby, Kahn’s daughter sophie become a historic point and a start for the next generation cell phones by taking the first ever camera photo of the baby.

So what is the first video and camera phone that hits the consumer market? Nokia?….. No, then Sony?……. Not at all, then next Motorola?…… Nah you are wrong.  It was Kyocera visual phone VP – 210 released in Japan in 1999. Sharp the closer competitor for Kocera was also ready to market the camera phone during that time. Both models have the facility of integrated camera but the Kyocera is widely used for peer – peed video sharing and Sharp for instant picture sharing.

It is a history of about a decade ago. But now the new generation phones the so called Smartphones have more advanced changes in Camera and picture capturing. Now this is the age of high resolution cameras with both facility to take pictures using front end and back end. So whatever advancement may happen the ‘first’ will not be repeated again.