The Baltic Way 25th Anniversary marked with Google Doodle ,logo alphabets holding hand

Marking the 25th Anniversary of The Baltic Way , Google presented doodle on homepage of Google Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Doodle will be on homepage for 24 hours on 23 August 2014.

The Baltic Way Google Doodle
The Baltic Way Google Doodle(August 23, 2014)

The Baltic Way is the long human chain participated by 3 countries occurred in 1989, August 23rd. In Google Doodle for commemorating the incident you can see logo alphabets joining hands and flag of three nations placed in between. Doodle will lead you to the search page for ‘ The Baltic Day’ , clicking on it.

The Baltic Way

Including the participation of more than one million people , 600 km long human chain was set up in Lithuania, Latvia and Eastonia , the Baltic States on 23 August 1989, it was the chain of human fighting for freedom.

Background of the Baltic Way

On 23rd August 1939, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov, signed a pact which included secret clause effecting fate of the entire Europe. Singing of the pact by Foreign ministers of Germany and USSR led to the Second World War, including the occupation of Baltic of States by USSR and Nazi Germany.

It was 50 years later after singing of Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the Baltic States joined hands for freedom. Three years before the Baltic Way, in 1986 Black Ribbon protect was organized in 21 cities and also in 31 cities on 1987.

The social unity is reflected in the human chain, participating people from three countries working for one goal. Regardless of unique national characteristics, culture  and diversity, people from this three small states made a world history every one should notice. This non violent protest was implemented after signing the agreement by Baltic Activist from Baltic States on 12 August.

As the aftermath of the human chain joining three countries, declaration of freedom and election took place, also world recognized independence of these nations by 1991.

The Baltic Way inclusion in UNESCO’s Memory of World Register

Considering the importance of The Baltic Way in world history, UNESCO included the document to Memory of World Register in 2009. Memory of World Register is the part of Memory of World Program initiated to document the important world events. It was in year 2008, the submission to list The Baltic Way in Memory of World Register of UNESCO was proposed.

Millions of Google users will get to know about this important event in the world history with today’s Google Doodle.