Thanksgiving Day 2013 doodle in South Korea

Thanksgiving Day 2013 doodle appeared on Google Korea on September 19th. Doodle included the images of Koreans dancing in Merry wearing tradition Korean dresses. Typical Korean circle dance is imaged in the Google doodle.


Thanksgiving Day 2013 doodle in South Korea (September 19, 2013)
Thanksgiving Day 2013 doodle in South Korea (September 19, 2013)

As we see in Thanksgiving Day Doodle 2013, It’s common to see people dancing when the moon comes out of the clouds. Chuseok is the Korean name for Thanksgiving. Similar to Moon Festival, Koreans have three day holiday for Chuseok. It’s on September 19th to 21st, Koreans celebrate the festival on 2013.

Since 1998, Google have came up with Thanksgiving day doodles. The main custom followed by Koreans is eating Thanksgiving Day meal together with family. Turkey is the main part of the meal and people start the meal by feasting on Turkey. Thanksgiving Day in Korea is some times referenced as Turkey Day in this sense.

Many ritual takes place in worship places on Thanksgiving Day. It’s to show gratitude towards Almighty God for good harvest and living. In some places this day is mentioned as ¬†Harvest Moon Festival day. Celebration of the day on biggest full moon day is the reason behind it.

Legends related to the weaving competition at the time of Kingdom of Shilla and those related to Jade Rabbit are the common in Korea related to this festival. As we can see in the Thanksgiving Day 2013 doodle, this day has got great cultural importance. Many dancing and sports competition will be held on Korea on these days.

As Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as three day holiday, people living in distant places comeback home to celebrate it with family. Special meal table arrangements are done for the celebration of Chuseok. For Chuseok 2013 also Korea have prepared well in all sense. Shopping Malls, public places and streets were decorated well and we can see people all over busy in preparing for the function over Korea.