Thanksgiving Day 1999 celebrated with Turkey doodle

Thanksgiving Day is a special day celebrated in United States and Canada. Thanksgiving Day 1999 celebrated with Turkey doodle by Google on November 23.

Thanksgiving Day 1999 Google doodle
Thanksgiving Day 1999 Google doodle (November 23, 1999)

Thanksgiving Day 1999 Google doodle was published in the homepage of Google in the United States. Google alphabets are designed with the logo colors and to convey the message of the day doodle designer included the picture of a Turkey in between the alphabet ‘O’.

There is a tradition on feasting on Turkey on this day in United States and Canada. Sometimes it is referred as Turkey day also. In 1998 also Google came up with Thanksgiving Day doodle with Turkey as in Thanksgiving Day 1999 Google doodle, but in a different place.

Thanksgiving Day is an officially declared public Holiday in United States and Canada. Families come together on that day to celebrate. The Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November.

There exist different legends in different places based on the celebration of Thanksgiving Day . In North America the day is celebrated from the time of Protested Reformation. Canadian thanksgiving is based on the explorer Martin Frobisher’s journey to find a northern passage through Pacific Ocean.

Thanksgiving Day meal
Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving festival was first held in 1621 in United States. It was celebrated by the Pilgrims. They celebrated it to show the gratitude towards God after their first harvest in the new land.

There are many traditional food items that are commonly seen on the table on this particular day. The most common one among those food items is baked or roasted turkey. It is an unavoidable thing in the meal table.  Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, various fallen vegetables are also included in the menu.

The week in which Thanksgiving festival is celebrated is the busiest week in the year. Schools and colleges are given four or five days holiday ,so that all family can meet together and celebrate. Tourist places and resorts will be filled with people in that week. .Many sports items like football, basketball and traditional classical items also takes place during this season. The whole week is celebrated with prayers ,fun and happiness.