Thanksgiving 2013 Google doodle goes animated with music

Google published a beautiful animated Thanksgiving Day doodle on 28 November 2013. Thanksgiving Day is mainly celebrated over United States and Canada.

Thanksgiving 2013 Google Doodle
Thanksgiving 2013 Google Doodle(November 28, 2013)

Thanksgiving 2013 Google doodle was very colorful in United States. Animation in the Thanksgiving doodle ,with animals in preparation of Thanksgiving meal make the doodle apt for celebration.

Animation and music starts by clicking the play button. “The 28th of January” music , familiar to all music lovers was recorded for doodle at Stanford University , Center of Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Angela Yeung did entire supervision of music recording for Thanksgiving 2013 Google doodle.

Google have published many doodles for Thanksgiving Days from the year company started. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in many other countries other than US and Canada. Google have came up with South Korean Thanksgiving Day doodle this September.

Thanksgiving 2013 wish from Google
Thanksgiving 2013 wish from Google

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional holiday. Celebration of Thanksgiving day takes place in United States on fourth Thursday of November.It was from 1621, the concept of a day to show gratitude was introduced. According to belief, it was pilgrims celebrated first ever Thanksgiving Day.

In the 2013 Thanksgiving doodle US, a series of wild creatures including Turkey, mouse, bear, fox is getting ready for feasting on the day. Thanksgiving day is also refereed as Turkey day. We can see the main ingredients in the Thanksgiving meal table in the doodle too. The animation in the doodle includes the  main item of day,Yes, Pumpkin carried by bear. Varies food items including Pumpkin is prepared for Thanksgiving mean in every house.

At the end of all animation and fun, Google ends the doodle play with the wish ” Happy Thanksgiving from Google”. 2013 Thanksgiving doodle have included every fun and joy of the day in perfect way. In most places, people join together on the day for celebration. This concept is symbolically represented by Google including the union of wild animals for meal in the forest.