Thanksgiving 2007 Google Doodle with Turkey

As in every year Google came up with a pretty doodle on the Thanksgiving Day of 2007 also. Thanksgiving 2007 Google Doodle included many things in the doodle that was published in its homepage on this day. This day is celebrated with great importance in many western countries.

Thanksgiving 2007 Google Doodle with Turkey
Thanksgiving 2007 (November 22, 2007)

This special doodle was a symbol of thanks and gratitude. Thanksgiving is a way in which people shows their gratitude for all good that they experienced. Not only human beings, we can see many examples of pets who have showed the gratitude for the owners in the history in films, stories and also in real life. It shows that those who thank have a good heart and mind which can understand the feeling and go down to earth.

Many functions and programs are organized on this day to make it colorful. People celebrate the day without cultural barriers and linguistic difference. All join together on this day to thank God and others who helped them in the journey of life. It’s Google way to publish a doodle on its homepage on this day from the year they became Google from Backrub. It shows the importance of being thankful.

On Thanksgiving Day we can see special prayers in the worship places with the participation of huge crowd. As it is a holiday people join together for the celebration with friends and family. As the name suggest this day is especially dedicated for thanking so we can see many ways in which people choose to show their gratitude for the help they got.

Thanksgiving feast is the next important program of the day. People prepare grand feast on the including a large collection of dishes. In most of the houses family members sit together to have the feast. Before starting the feast they will pray for some time and thank the God for giving them the opportunity to taste the feast. Turkey dishes are common in meal table of the day. People usually begin the feast by tasting the roasted turkey.It’s even known as Turkey Day.  After that only they will enjoy all other dishes.

Other than family get-togethers community get-togethers and other programs are also conducted to add the celebration mood of the day. Many group sports games including cricket and football are also seen on the grounds in the day. All together people celebrate it will joy and fun.

Legends say that people started celebrating Thanksgiving Day from long back. It’s estimated that it was the pilgrims who first celebrated the day in fifteenth century for the harvest they got. From then celebrations and other functions of the day began and it got great acceptance by 18th century all over the world.