Thanksgiving 2006 Google Doodles

Thanksgiving  2006 Google Doodles

As a way of expressing gratitude towards God for the blessings from him Thanksgiving Day is celebrated. It is mainly celebrated in United State, Canada and Korea. On this occasion of Thanksgiving Day 2006 Google released a special Google doodle on November 23.

Thanksgiving 2006 Google Doodles
Thanksgiving 2006 Google Doodles (November 23, 2006)

In United States it is celebrated on 4th Thursday of November. In United States itself the dates were different earlier. Later after the reconstruction in 1870’s the date become unique. The present day is fixed in earlier of 19th century. 1863 is the year in which all nations celebrate the Thanksgiving Day on the same date. There are festivals similar to Thanksgiving and it is celebrated in different countries such as Germany, Japan, Grenada, Liberia, Korea, Netherlands and Norfolk Island.

The doodle contains a turkey and roasted turkey is the main dish of Thanksgiving Day especially in Canada. Bread-based stuff and roasting of Turkey is the main ingredients of this main dish. So in all doodles the Turkey is the main character.

Canadian Thanksgiving 2006 Google Doodles

On the occasion of Canadian Thanksgiving Day Google released a special doodle on 9th October 2006. In Canada it is celebrated on second Monday of October. The celebration has similarity with harvest festival.

Canadian Thanksgiving 2006 (Oct 9, 2006)
Canadian Thanksgiving 2006 (October 9, 2006)

There is no evidence for Thanksgiving celebration in past in Canada as there is no English influence can be found in the history. It is believed that the Canadian Thanksgiving celebration was started from 1578.

As a result of recovery of Prince of Wales from a serious illness Canada celebrate their primary Thanksgiving Day on 1872, April 15. It is began to celebrate on November 6 during late 19th century after the primary celebration. But due to the collision with Armistice Day after the 2nd World War it is postponed to present date. The customs are very much similar to the celebration in United States.

Google released a special doodle on this day. The doodle contains the leaf fall as in Canada the celebration occurs in October i.e. in autumn season. The doodle is very simple and it reflects the nature of season.

Korean Thanksgiving 2006 Google Doodles

Thanksgiving is celebrated as a secure holiday in countries in which it is celebrated as a main festival. It has a pretty much traditional root and similar Thanksgiving celebrations can be found important place in Catholic calendar as a result of English reformation.

Korean Thanksgiving 2006 (Oct 6, 2006)
Korean Thanksgiving 2006 (October6, 2006)

People attend the prayer ceremonies on this special day. They believes that God will worship special blessings on them in this special day. As I mentioned earlier Turkey dish is the main dish for the celebration.

Korean Thanksgiving is also known as Chuseok is the major harvest festival celebrated in middle of autumn season. It is celebrated as a 3 – day holiday in Korea. According to lunar calendar it is celebrated on the 15th day of 8th month.

Google released a special doodle on the occasion of Korean Thanksgiving Day on 6th October 2006. In the Google logo the 2 ‘o’s are replaced with the dancing Korean women’s. It is one of the main attraction of the celebration.