Thanksgiving 2004 Google Doodle

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in order to express the gratitude to God for his blessings over the year. It is mainly celebrated in US and Canada. On the occasion of Thanksgiving 2004 Google released this special doodle.

Thanksgiving 2004 Google Doodle
Thanksgiving 2004 (November 24, 2004)

The day in which Thanksgiving is celebrated may differ according to nation and it is celebrated on 4th Thursday of November in United States. The same is celebrated on 2nd Monday of October in Canada. Thanksgiving has some traditional cultural root and is celebrated s secure holiday in the countries which celebrate it as a main festival. In almost all regions Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with prayers and thanksgiving ceremonies in western countries. It has similarity to Harvest festival but Thanksgiving is celebrated in November. We can see such numerous of religious holidays in England tradition.

As a result of English reformation some special Thanksgiving Days finds important place in Catholic calendar. The people believe that God will worship special blessings on them after attending special prayer ceremonies on that special day. The doodle released on this special day was simple and little bit funny. The main attraction of the Google doodle is the turkey which tries to balance the set of plates with corn pie. Roasted turkey is the main dish of Thanksgiving Day especially in Canada.

The dish is prepared with doing bread-based stuff and roasting of Turkey. A traditional herbal called sage along with onion and carrot are added to this. Another main dish is corn pie. People say thanks to God for their good harvest during the year. So they prepare the corn pie using the grains obtained from the harvest season. In North America Pumpkin pie is the special dish during Thanksgiving celebration. The funny fact is that the turkey is pictured as balancing the set of plates and it is slipping. Thanksgiving is celebrated in autumn season.

Thanksgiving Special Dishes
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There can’t find any solid evidence about the origin of Canada’s Thanksgiving celebration as there is no English presence until 18th century in country. There is about past history of Thanksgiving celebration in Canada since from 1578. As a result of recovery of Prince of Wales from a serious illness Canada celebrate their primary Thanksgiving Day on 1872, April 15. By the late of 19th century it is celebrated on November 6 after the primary celebration.

But after the 2ndworld war due to the collision with Armistice Day the celebration postponed to the present date. The similar celebrations and customs can be found in United States also. In United Sates the celebration dates for Thanksgiving Day varies according to states. The date becomes unique after the reconstruction in 1870’s.

Now the permanent day of celebration in United Sates is the last Thursday of November and it fixed at the beginning of 19th century. 1863 is the year when all the states celebrated the Thanksgiving Day on same date. There is festivals similar to Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in various countries. Countries like Germany, Japan, Grenada, Liberia, Korea, Netherlands and Norfolk Island also celebrates Thanksgiving similar festivals.  In all countries Thanksgiving is celebrated as to thank God for his blessings.