Thanksgiving 2003 Google Doodle with Turkey

Thanksgiving Day, a day to show the gratitude for all blessing is widely celebrated all over the world. In the year 2003 Thanksgiving Day was on November 26th. On this year people arranged several colorful programs for making the day special.

Thanksgiving 2003 Google Doodle with Turkey
Thanksgiving 2003(November 26, 2003)

Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in many countries. Main Thanksgiving Day celebrations take place on Canada and United States. Fourth Thursday of November is especially dedicated for this celebration in these countries. It’s on fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day every year. Celebrations of this day include many varieties of programs.

Google doodle on this day on the homepage of United States was different and special. It included many things to announce the specialty of the day to the people. Doodle was very attractive. It included figure of turkey, bib, spoon, drum and many other things which relates to Thanksgiving Day in one way or another. In Thanksgiving 2003 Google Doodle with Turkeysome of the logo alphabets are replaced Thanksgiving special ingredients.

Turkey is the main dish in the Thanksgiving Day menu. People mostly start the feasting by eating roasted or baked turkey. We can see a beautiful bib on the neck of turkey. It gave a sweet and cute look to it because it’s usually tied on the neck of small babies while they are given eatables. Fallen leaf scattered here and there increased the beauty of doodle. All over doodle is colorful and pleases all hearts in a single sight itself.

Every Thanksgiving Day is celebrated by Google with the release of special doodles. Likewise this year also they added this beautiful doodle which specifically and accurately point out the message of the day.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner
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Different places celebrate the day based on different legends and traditions. In some place it is celebrated to commemorate their winning of past wars. In some other places it memorizes the beginning of some reformation and explorations.

Though there is different history and custom the basic concept is to thank for what they have got. Showing gratitude can be done by only those who have heart, feelings and emotions. So a day for this is a great concept.

It was on 1621 the first Thanksgiving Day celebrations. It’s believed that this day is first celebrated by pilgrims to thank God for the best harvest that they got throughout the year. From there many people followed this custom of Thanksgiving.

Most of the celebrations include thanksgiving prayer, parades and picnics. Temples, churches and other worship places organize special rituals for thanking God and praying for their ancestors who had left them. Many special sports and games occur on this season.  Football and basketball is the main among those. Schools, offices and colleges also take part in the celebrations by giving holidays and organizing special programs on this week.

As this is a holiday people join with their families for celebrations. Thanksgiving meal is the most important among celebrations of this day. Roasted or baked turkey is a common seen on meal tables. As turkey has got great importance it’s sometimes referred as Turkey Day also. Pumpkin Pie, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving Day is the best and most celebrated holiday in the countries.