Thanksgiving 2001Google Doodle

Thanksgiving 2001 was on 22nd November. On this day in United States a special doodle was published on Googlehome page. Doodle included the picture of cornucopia and turkey. These are seen on the dining tables of US on this day.

Thanksgiving 2001Google Doodle
Thanksgiving 2001 (November 22, 2001)

Thanksgiving 2001Google Doodle  designer had done an imaginative and creative work. The replacement of Google ‘o’ with the cornucopia is a relevant thought as this day is mainly celebrated to show the gratitude for the good harvest and blessings throughout the year.

Cornucopia overflowing with fruits and vegetables conveyed the message of the day at the same time it added color and beauty to the doodle. Doodle had also pictured a turkey in it. The placement of turkey symbolizes the custom of feasting on roasted turkey or cooked turkey in United States.

Though thanking for the good harvest they had is the main concept behind the celebration of the day there are many legends related to this day. Canadian people celebrate this day to remember the journey of Martin Frobisher through Pacific Ocean to find northern passage. North Americans celebrate the day to remember the protested reformation. Some cultural groups celebrate the day to commemorate the winning of battles in the past.

In United States the Thanksgiving Day is an official holiday. This day is celebrated on the 4thThursday of November. All over the country people gather together with their families on that day for special celebrations. Apart from United States many other countries celebrates this day. The main celebration takes place in Canada after United States. People over these places follow several religious customs and traditions to celebrate this day.

Cornucopia[Image Credit]
The first Thanksgiving Day celebrations are done by the pilgrims. It took place in the year 1621. It was celebrated to show their gratitude for the good harvest to God. They celebrated the day by dancing, feasting and praying together.

On this day family members sit together and have their meal. There are many special dishes that they make on this day .Roasted or baked turkey is seen on every table .It is a tradition to start the meal by feasting on turkey in many places. The day is some time referred by the name turkey day also.

A cornucopia is also a common sight on the meal table of United States. Cornucopias symbolize the abundance .Vegetables and fruits will be filled inside. It is a beautiful feeling to see these fruits and vegetables overflowing from cornucopias on the table. It’s even better if there is a chance to feast from that. Smashed potatoes, fallen vegetables, pumpkin pie are some other common dishes on the menu for the day.