Thanksgiving 2000 Google Doodle with Turkey

Thanksgiving Day is especially celebrated in US and Canada . On the occasion of this special day Google released the doodle Thanksgiving 2000 on November 26.

thanksgiving 2000 google doodle
Thanksgiving 2000(November 23, 2000)

The celebration of Thanksgiving Day has some cultural and religious root and is celebrated as secular holiday. Prayers and thanksgiving ceremonies can be commonly seen in western cultural and in almost all religions. It has some similarity as harvest festival, but it is celebrated on late November.

In Thanksgiving 2000 Google Doodle there is little changes from usual logo. A Turkey, which cleaning the fallen leaves was pictured in the doodle.  Usually Thanksgiving Day is celebrated during autumn season. So the logo contains the leave foliage.

The main and common dish of Thanksgiving Day is Turkey. The selling of Turkey meat increases incredibly during the celebrations. About one third of consumption occurs during the period of thanksgiving and Christmas. The dish is prepared with doing bread-based stuff and roasting of Turkey. A traditional herbal called sage along with onion and carrot are added to this.

Thanksgiving Day Origin

There are no narrative origins or roots known for Canada’s Thanksgiving celebration as there is no English presence until 18th century in country. The starting of Thanksgiving celebrations in Canada has a past history back to 1578.The story is briefly as follow.

An explorer, known as Martin Frobisher, who was trying to find northern passage of Pacific. Martin Frobisher organized a formal ceremony as a part of thanksgiving to God after the survival of his difficulties in the middle of travel. The origin of Canada Thanksgiving is sometimes related to French settlers. They celebrate their successful harvest session throughout the winter by sharing food.

The First Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving at Plymout
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In western history several Thanksgiving Days are celebrated. First known Thanksgiving Day includes Pilgrim holidays and Puritan holiday during years from 1961 to 1963. Until 19th century Canada has no fixed Thanksgiving Day. Normally it is celebrated on November 6. But the clash of 2 holidays, Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day. Thereafter Canadian parliament decided or fixed the present date, 2nd Monday of October.

Similar to Canada, United States also had no fixed day for celebrating the Thanksgiving Day. Though celebration date varies from state to state in United States. At the beginning of 19th century the permanent day, last Thursday of November, is fixed.

Other countries like Germany, Grenada, Korea, Japan, Liberia, Netherlands and Norfolk Island also celebrate festivals similar to Thanksgiving. Although origin and culture are different all nations celebrate and spread same social role as that of Thanksgiving. There is some differences in the name and ways to celebrate the Thanksgiving day. But all the nations celebrate it as remembering the blessings of God and sharing among people in society.