Thailand National Day 2010 celebrated with Google doodle

Thailand National Day 2010 Google doodle released on December 5, 2010. Thai people Commemorates the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as national day. Thai people celebrate this day not only as National Day but also as Fathers Day.

Thailand National Day 2010
Thailand National Day 2010 (December 5, 2010)

National Day is generally celebrated as a date of Independence or of becoming a republic. The date signifies the date for a patron saint or a ruler, for memorising them, their contributions to nation as a part of nationhood. National Day will often be a national holiday. Thailand celebrates National Day in the memory of famous ruler.

The local name for the Thailand day is called as “Chaloem Phra Chonmaphansa Phrabat Somdet Phra Chao Yuhua” ion local language. Google presented the doodle with the letters written using colours in Thailand’s National Flag . Thailand’s map is also portrayed. Google Doodle for Thailand National Day 2010  enhances the emotion of national pride.

Thailand National flag
Thailand National flag
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Importance attached to the National Day as well as the degree to which it is celebrated varies greatly from country to country. In this doodle the first and last letters (G, e) are written in red, next letters (o,l) are written in white and middle letters are written in blue. So all the colours in the national Flag of Thailand is included in this doodle . The letter ‘g’ is designed as geographical area of Thailand nation.

Google honored all those comrades with this special and beautiful doodle on Thailand National Day 2010 to honor them in Thailand. Though celebrations and programs are different from country to country emotions for the celebration is patriotism and national feeling.