Harry Potter producer to bring Temple run to big screen

Have you ever wish to see your favorite mobile on big screen?. Harry Potter producer to bring Temple run to big screen in near future, will produce along with Warner Bros.Temple run to big screen

According to Hollywood reporter producer David Heyman have a close relation with imangi studio, developers of Temple run. Heyman all set to attach a writer for the script of Temple run movie.

Temple run to big screen

Temple run movie will center on the theme of an explorer who stole idol from the temple and being chase by forces. It is thinks to be temple run movie will so the same trend of  Indiana Jones.

Temple run is the most popular mobile game released in the year of 2011, top hit at play store and app store. Imangi studio had released several sequence of temple run, including Jamaica sprinter Usain Bolt as playable character.

It is eager to watch how the directer will make the climax of Temple run movie, because the explorer always get die in games no matter what a long distance you have covered. The adaptation of mobile games for movie becomes a new trend in hollywood, already confirmed the release of angry bird movie for 2016. You can also expect the release of temple run movie in near future.

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