Temple Run 2 cross 50 million downloads

Temple run is a power packed action video game developed by Imangi studios, game is available for both android and iOS game. The first version of Temple run 2 game was released in the year 2011. Now the second version of the game Temple Run 2 cross 50 million downloads.

Temple Run 2 cross 50 million downloadsThe second version of Temple Run game was released on January 17th 2013. It is released for both android and iOS versions. Within just 13 days the number of downloading for temple run 2 hits 50 million. Before Temple Run 2 hit the app store the record of most downloaded within short time was hold by Rovio’s Angry bird space. But it takes more than one month to complete the number.

The first version of Temple Run was released for iOS in 4th August 2011. When it became popular in short time the developers released the game in Android. As it is the most popular operating system today the game gets loaded in every handset. The original version of Temple Run hits 170 million downloads till today.

“The game has performed beyond our wildest dreams, and we are thrilled that gamers and fans have embraced Temple Run 2 such a short period of time” The Game developers said.  After the game being available for Apple store in January 17th it hits six million download in just 24 hours. Temple Run 2 spot number 1 position in Apple and android stores.

It is a just a game of an explorer who attempt to steal an idol from a temple and being chased by a group of monkeys. But the randomly generated obstacles and backgrounds are made the game to the top. Also the controlling in Temple Run 2 is not much difficult. It is easily get attracted by all gamers for its simplicity and perfection. The developers think that the game will makes new records in very short time, will also release new generation of Temple run in coming quarters.