Samsung Unveiled Teaser Image of Galaxy SIV

As entire techworld is focused for the release of fourth generation Galaxy S phone Samsung unveils teaser image of Galaxy SIV. The official teaser image of Galaxy SIV outs through official Twitter account of Samsung.

Teaser Image of Galaxy SIVThere were many rumors and background news in the tech world regarding the specification of the product though developers had not unveiled anything about Samsung Galaxy SIV. It was silhouetted image the brand published in the twitter page.

Teaser Image of Galaxy SIV

Seeing the image it seems that Samsung Galaxy SIV we look similar to the older product of the series Samsung Galaxy SIII. Apart front this nothing is unveiled through the image except the minute variations in the logo spacing and speaker. It was with the caption “Count down for the next big thing have begun” new image was twitted.

Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the event. Everyone is pointing to the release of Samsung Galaxy SIV. Will it fulfill all the needs for the Samsung fans, let’s wait for the release to watch it. March 14th is the day for the big event. Samsung have already said that they will not keep it as a secret. The entire world can view this event live together during the time of release. So tune your reminders for the event without any delay.

Samsung have already came up with the video teaser for the product last week which gave a pure idea that this will be a big thing that ever had before from Samsung. As we see in video released all are in a great enthusiasm and great eager for the first vies of the device live.

Many features are rumored to be incorporated in Samsung Galaxy SIV including the eyeball movement tracking technique and control of touch screen via a floating touch. It is expected to be the most sophisticated and flexible device from the brand. As per the expectations this event will have attendees all around the world. It was at Mobile World Congress 2013 which held at Barcelona on February 25th Samsung came up with the official declaration of the event and invitation card. From that time all were waiting for the arrival of the moment to see Samsung Galaxy SIV.

This android smartphone from Samsung will be having a display screen of 5 inch and super AMOLED display. Android 4.2 Jelly bean platform which is the latest released android OS available in market will be adopted for the device. These two combination provides a good user interface and clarity for the images of the products.

 Exynos Quad Core Octa 5 processors helps in providing better battery life and low power consumption for the device. Camera specification rumored for Samsung Galaxy SIV tells that device will provide the best picture experience as it has got 13 megapixel rear camera. The high resolution pictures captured by the camera can be viewed in the large screen of the device which provide you a clear and quality experience.

Bluetooth and other network connectivity and Micro SD card slot, 4G LTE network support are some of the important expectation from the device. Now there is only one more day left for the event. We can watch the most awaited Smartphone together with the world on March 14th.