Teacher’s Day 2014 South Korea Google Doodle

South Korea celebrates their Teacher’s Day on May 15. Thursday’s Google Doodle landed over there is to mark this special occasion. Google Korea wished all teacher’s happiness of the day with this colorful doodle.

Teacher's Day 2014 South Korea Google Doodle
Teacher’s Day 2014 South Korea Google Doodle( May 15, 2014)

Google Doodle is designed in a comic style, logo alphabets  included with books, stick, chalk resembling a teacher taking class, within background of  classrooms makes doodle apt for loving teachers.

Korean Teachers Day

Different countries celebrates Teacher’s Day on different dates convenient for them. In Korea, celebration of Teacher’s Day on 15 May is related to birthday of Sejong the Great, fourth king of Joseon. Sejong, the second ruler in Korea to be posthumously honored with appellation  ‘The Great’.

Science, literature, art and technology of Korea is said to have great leap in his rule. Today also , you can see man statues and monuments in Korea in recognition with Sejong the Great.

People all over Korea celebrate this day by giving Carnation flowers, symbol of respect and thanks  to their teachers. They also manage to find time to visit their old teachers on the day. Earlier the date for celebration was on 26 May, but, changed in 1965 to May 15.

Google Doodle in Previous Years for Teacher’s Day

Google have came up with doodles on Teacher’s Day previous years also on various countries on their respective days. As in the doodle on South Korea this year, previous years also marked the day with doodles of blackboard, apples, flowers, spectacles, sticks and other ingredients related to teachers and teaching.

Teacher's Day 2013
Teacher’s Day 2013

Teachers are the one who bring light of knowledge to life of every individual. Government, schools and other organizations arrange special programs to honor teachers and give gifts to them for their participation in building future generation. Google, the search giant have came up in their style to wish Happy Teacher’s day with doodles.