China, Hong Kong Teachers Day 2013 Google doodle

Teachers Day 2013 Google doodle China appeared on Google homepage of multiple countries on September 10th. Google wished Happy Teachers day to every teachers with this doodle. It was in Google China and Google Hong Kong this special doodle was landed on the day.

Teachers Day 2013 Google doodle
Teachers Day 2013 Google doodle (Sep 10, 2013)

Teachers Day 2013 Google doodle was a real example for student teacher relation. In the Teachers Day doodle we can see Google Logo replaced with the colorful crayon sketches. There are four paper in the doodle with sketched pictures. All pictures are drawn as if it’s sketched by children.

Innocence and love of a child is reflected in it. Pencil, stars, cards, child with flowers, teacher ever thing in doodle points to the celebration. We can see the different role played by teachers in life of student with this doodle

On Teachers Day 2013, as we can see on previous years many programs are arranged from elementary schools to colleges for celebration. Teachers Day celebration date differs from country to country.

World Teacher Day is on October 5th. Since 1994, this day is dedicated for teachers. More than 100 nations organize many special programs on this day. Education is what gives life for common man. Its teachers who enlightens mind of children’s in the discovery of education.

Along with school, colleges and national educational association (NEA)  many other small organizations and institutions also take part in celebrations. Awards and honors will be given to teachers showing sincerity and dedication on this day.

What makes Teachers Day 2013 Google doodle different?

On previous years also, Google came up Teachers Day doodles. In all those doodle we could see black board, chalk, flower, Apple, candles and many such ingredients. According to my opinion it was this doodle which is designed with a difference.

In this year’s doodle on China and Hong Kong, we can see the clear reflection of a teacher and child relationship.  Teacher is associated with student. Crayon paining clearly reflects the creativity and gift of a small primary school child to the favorite teacher on this special day.