Teacher’s Day 2006 China Google Doodle with lighted Candle

In order to honor teachers for their effort and contribution given to the community teacher’s day is celebrated. The date for the celebration may vary across the country but many countries celebrate teacher’s day as to remember their contribution.

Teacher's Day 2006 China Google Doodle
Teacher’s Day 2006 China Google Doodle (September 10, 2006)

Google released a special Google doodle on its home page as a part of Teacher’s Day celebration.Teacher’s Day 2006 China Google Doodle is simple and it contains a lighted candle instead of ‘l’ in the Google logo. The lighted candle and its light is a symbol to show the value of educators. They light up the world through education and helping in the process of building an efficient community. In China Teacher’s Day is celebrated as National Holiday.

Here the doodle is all about Teacher’s Day in China. In China it is celebrated on September 10. Other countries like Argentina, Brunei Darussalam, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Taiwan also celebrates Teacher’s Day in September.

Teachers Day China

The origin of the celebration in China is from 1985. In this year the sixth meeting of the Ninth NPC Standing Committee decided to establishment of teacher’s day by agreeing upon the State Council.

In 1931 the educator professor of Centre College in Nanjing Tai Shuangqiu Cheng Qibao launched June 6th as teacher’s day. Again in 1939 the Kuomintang Government Ministry of Education dedicated August 26th as the teacher’s day to honor the Chinese educator Confucius on his birthday.

In 1951, the Ministry of education of the People’s Republic of china decided to celebrate Teacher’s Day and Worker’s Day in same date, May1. In 1985 as a result of proposal the sixth session of the National People’s Congress Eighth Conference from the State Council decided September 10 as teacher’s day. Since from September 10 is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in China.

From a Teacher's Day celebration in China
From a Teacher’s Day celebration in China [Image Credit : news.xinhuanet.com]
In certain countries they celebrate a common day as Teacher’s Day. October 5 is celebrated as teacher’s Day in Azerbaijan, Canada, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Maldives, Mauritius, Netherlands, Republic of Moldova, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Kuwait, .  February 28 is common teacher’s day for Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Oman and UAE.