Teachers Day 2005 Google Doodle in China

It’s on September 8th of 2005 China celebrated Teachers Day. Teachers Day celebration is one among the important functions of the country. Teachers are those who lighten our knowledge by giving us what they know.

Teachers Day 2005 Google Doodle
Teachers Day 2005(September 10, 2005)

On Teachers Day in China Google came up with a special doodle designed as if the logo is written on the black board. To give a naturalist look doodle included the pictures of eraser, chalk and Teachers Day special flowers in it. We know flowers are kept for positivity and good wishes.

In Teachers Day 2005 Google Doodle inclusion of the flowers at the right corner added the beauty at the same time it conveyed the wishes of the day. We can get a clear picture of class room in the doodle. A similar doodle was published on the homepage of United States on their Teachers Day which was on May 2nd. On that doodle instead of flowers a picture of apple is included in it.

Value of teachers in the life of a child is remarkable. It is the teachers who give them the first lessons of life. Teachers are not only the person who provide the children the knowledge about the curriculum lessons but also teaches the moral and ethical values. A child spends more day time with their teachers than with their parents.  It’s the character of teacher influences the child more than the parents.

Teachers Day
Teachers Day
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Teachers Day programs last for a week in China. Many programs and functions will be organized in schools, colleges and other educational institution in this week to honor all those teachers who guided the children to lead a good successful life.

Special awards are given to the teachers who made remarkable achievements in their career on this day. Essay competitions, story competitions and poem writing competitions are arranged to children to express their views on quality of teachers they like.

Google also took part in the celebrations of Teachers day. Teachers are the candles which give light to win in the way of life. Teachers Day doodle by Google tells us what is the significance of teacher in the life of man. Teachers are the best role models that a man can take. On this Teachers Day Google also honored those people with the release of this doodle.