Teach Siri the correct name pronunciation with iOS7

The iOS7 mobile operating system from Apple not at only thinks as iteration from Jonathan Ive but also the future of the Company. The new features within the iOS 7 shows that it can powered up the iDevices to the expecting performance level. You can teach Siri the correct name pronunciation with iOS7.

teach Siri the correct name pronunciationThe intelligent personal assistant Siri support within the Apple devices which runs no iOS5 and later. All of us knew that it was firstly found with Apple iPhone 4S. But from the earlier days onwards the iOS personal guide couldn’t pronounce some of words correctly. Also there didn’t exits a manual editing tool for correct it. But through iOS 7 you can teach Siri the correct name pronunciation.

Siri within iOS7 is updated with both male and female voice, to change the voice within Siri Goto Settings->general->Siri->voice gender->select male or female.

Teach Siri the correct name pronunciation

This innovative feature within iOS7 Siri didn’t announce at official keynote by Apple,firstly reported by 9to5 Mac. One of their employees founded this feature. Here how to correct Siri,

  • Whenever Siri can’t understand your language ask you for help.
  • Comment to Siri -“that is not how you pronounce (name)”.
  • Siri ask you to pronounce the name once more.
  • Siri show you number of options.
  • Select correct pronounciation.
  • Siri will save the pronounciation in the memory.

iOS7 Siri new features

Siri also have ability to turn no the flash light within the phone according to your commands. It helps you to gets the desired feature without having taken a series of steps to get it. Siri within iOS7 has a redesigned interface; it can provide both male and female voices. It updated with the informations from Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter.

The sound wave within iOS7 Siri can show off it can hear you, it respond with the loudness of your voice

Additional actions performed by Siri in iOS7

  • Facetime.
  • App launching.
  • iMessages.
  • calender.
  • Social networking posting.
  • Playing music.
  • Contacts.
  • Notes.
  • Settings.
  • Web search.