100th birth anniversary of Tange of the World Google Doodle

Google honored Kenzo Tange, famous Japanese architect on his 100th birthday with Google doodle on September 4th, 2013. Tange of the World Google Doodle included the image of his famous architectural work in it.

100th birth anniversary of Tange of the World Google Doodle
100th birth anniversary of Tange of the World Google Doodle (Sep 4, 2013)

Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium is portrayed in the doodle. Doodle is designed with image of Kenzo Tange as if he is working on Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium. Google logo is highlighted doodle with its original color, and is included as if hanged over the building in rope. Architecture design that we can see in Google doodle for Kenzo Tange centennial celebration is perfect example for his talent and skill.

Kenzo Tange
Kenzo Tange
[Image Credit :zerobase]
It’s during period 1962 to 1964, the building pictured in doodle was designed. Tange, the architect who gave a new look for mordern Japan was honored with many awards during his life time. Pritzker Architecture Prize, the award given for living architects were given to to Tange in the year 1987.

As we can see in Tange of the World Google Doodle ,most of his architecture works point out a new style of design. Considering Tange’s great works in designing the stadiums and gymnasiums with all facilities, Olympic committee honored him. Kenzo Tange was the winner of many awards like US AIA Gold Medal, RIBA Goldmedal, also many other great titles and honors was given to him.

Famous Architectural Designs of Tange of the world

Hiroshima Peace memorial Museum, Tokyo Dome, St. Mary’s Cathedral Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan government building, OUB Centre, Mode Gakuen Cocoon tower, Bank of Shanghai headquarters are some other famous building got birth in his design.

Many young architects all over world today takes his works as model. Birth of these unique architectural structures, changed the look of modern world.

On the occasion 100th birth anniversary of Tange of the World many programs are arranged all around Japan. Many exhibitions and symposiums are arranged in Kagawa Museum. As a part of Art festival,  Setouchi Triennale 2013, Inland tour places covering Tange’s works are also organized. This Tange of the World Google Doodle is a tribute his great talent by Google.